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Ketan Joshi

Ketan Joshi


Ketan Joshi has been at the forefront of clean energy for eight years, starting out as a data analyst working in wind energy, and expanding that knowledge base to community engagement, climate science and new energy technology. He’s been deeply involved in senate inquiries, community engagement with developing wind farms and political debates in the public sphere. He’s written for the Guardian, The Monthly, ABC News and has penned several hundred blog posts digging into climate and energy issues – building a position as a respected and analytical energy commentator in Australia. He’s served as a subject matter expert on national television, and has a wide following on social media around energy and climate.

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Beyond coal and carbon emissions

Renewable energy expert Ketan Joshi gives us the lowdown on Australia's unique potential for clean energy and rapid decarbonisation.

Ketan Joshi 2 March 2020
Beyond coal and carbon emissions
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