Complete list of Australian Xbox One Black Friday sales

Brodie Fogg 24 November 2016


Black Friday is upon us and Xbox has gone all in with massive discounts on over 130 titles.

Australians don't always get to indulge in the madness that is Black Friday. However, this year a number of Australian tech retailers, including Apple, Sony and Microsoft, are participating in the sales. In fact, Microsoft 's Xbox One titles are discounted at an average rate of 37% and include some of the latest AAA titles, like Mafia III and Titanfall 2.

These are some of our top picks for the biggest discounts:

  • The Telltale Games Collection
  • Metro Redux Bundle
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  • Life is Strange: Complete Season
  • Oddworld: New and Tasty

Click at the top of each column to sort alphabetically, by price, discount or genre. If you've got a particular title in mind, use the search field to find what you're looking for.

TitleGenreOriginal priceDiscountDiscounted priceXbox Live GoldBuy
ArkAction-Adventure, Survival$44.9540.00%$26.97$22.48BUY
Ark: Scorched EarthAction-Adventure, Survival$26.9515.00%$22.91$20.21BUY
Assassin’s Creed IV Black FlagAction-Adventure$29.9560.00%$11.98$9.88BUY
Assassin’s Creed SyndicateAction-Adventure$71.7050.00%$35.85$28.68BUY
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate GoldAction-Adventure$119.7050.00%$59.85$47.88BUY
Batman – The Telltale Series – Complete SeasonAdventure$44.9525.00%$33.71$30.12BUY
Batman – The Telltale Series – Episode 1Adventure$9.3585.00%$1.40$0.00BUY
Batman – The Telltale Series – Season PassAdventure$36.0525.00%$27.04$24.15BUY
Batman: Arkham Knight Premium EditionAction-Adventure$159.4540.00%$95.67$79.73BUY
Battlefield 1First-Person Shooter$99.9525.00%$74.96$66.97BUY
Battlefield 1 – Titanfall 2 Deluxe BundleFirst-Person Shooter$195.4530.00%$136.82$117.27BUY
Battlefield 1 Ultimate EditionFirst-Person Shooter$189.4510.00%$170.51$151.56BUY
BioShock The CollectionFirst-Person Shooter$99.9520.00%$79.96$69.97BUY
Borderlands: The Handsome CollectionFirst-Person Shooter$99.9560.00%$39.98$32.98BUY
Carmageddon: Max DamageRacing$52.4540.00%$31.47$26.23BUY
Dangerous GolfSport, Arcade$26.9540.00%$16.17$13.48BUY
DC Universe Online: Ep. Pack IMMO RPG, Action$19.9540.00%$11.97$9.98BUY
DC Universe Online: Ep. Pack IIMMO RPG, Action$19.9540.00%$11.97$9.98BUY
DC Universe Online: Ep. Pack IIIMMO RPG, Action$52.4540.00%$31.47$26.23BUY
DC Universe Online: Power BundleMMO RPG, Action$34.9940.00%$20.99$17.50BUY
DC Universe Online: Ultimate EditionMMO RPG, Action$109.9540.00%$65.97$54.98BUY
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedFirst-Person Shooter, Action-RPG$99.9540.00%$59.97$49.98BUY
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Deluxe EditionFirst-Person Shooter, Action-RPG$144.4540.00%$86.67$72.23BUY
DiRT RallyRacing$99.9550.00%$49.98$39.98BUY
Dishonored – Definitive EditionAction-Adventure, Stealth$29.9540.00%$17.97$14.98BUY
DOOM: Hell FollowedFirst-Person Shooter, Action$24.1530.00%$16.91$14.49BUY
DOOM: Unto the EvilFirst-Person Shooter, Action$24.1530.00%$16.91$14.49BUY
Dragon Age Inquisition - GOTYAction-RPG$39.9550.00%$19.98$15.98BUY
Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Ed.Action role-playing game, Survival horror$89.9525.00%$67.46$60.27BUY
EA SPORTS NHL 17Sports$99.9530.00%$69.97$59.97BUY
EA SPORTS NHL 17 Deluxe EditionSports$119.7030.00%$83.79$71.82BUY
EA SPORTS NHL 17 Super Deluxe EditionSports$130.2030.00%$91.14$78.12BUY
EA SPORTS UFC 2Sports, Fighting$99.9560.00%$39.98$32.98BUY
EA SPORTS UFC 2 Deluxe EditionSports, Fighting$119.7060.00%$47.88$35.91BUY
F1 2016Racing$94.9535.00%$61.72$52.22BUY
Far Cry PrimalAction-Adventure$59.9550.00%$29.98$23.98BUY
Far Cry Primal Apex EditionAction-Adventure$64.9550.00%$32.48$25.98BUY
FIFA 17Sports$99.9530.00%$69.97$59.97BUY
FIFA 17 DeluxeSports$119.7030.00%$83.79$71.82BUY
FIFA 17 Super Deluxe EditionSports$130.2020.00%$104.16$91.14BUY
Forza Horizon 3Racing$96.9535.00%$63.02N/ABUY
Forza Horizon 3 Deluxe EditionRacing$119.9525.00%$89.96N/ABUY
Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate EditionRacing$139.9520.00%$111.96N/ABUY
Forza Motorsport 6 Deluxe EditionRacing$126.4525.00%$94.84$82.19BUY
Forza Motorsport 6 Standard EditionRacing$99.9540.00%$59.97$49.98BUY
Forza Motorsport 6 Ultimate EditionRacing$151.9515.00%$129.16$113.96BUY
Forza Motorsport 6 VIPRacing$26.9567.00%$8.89$6.74BUY
Gears of War 4Action/Adventure$99.9540.00%$59.97N/ABUY
Gears of War 4 Ultimate EditionAction/Adventure$139.9525.00%$104.96N/ABUY
Grow UpAdventure$14.9540.00%$8.97$7.48BUY
GTA VAction/Adventure$99.9540.00%$59.97$49.98BUY
GTAV & Great White Shark Cash CardAction/Adventure$121.9540.00%$73.17$60.98BUY
GTAV & Megaladon Shark Card BundleAction/Adventure$209.7050.00%$104.85$83.88BUY
GTAV & Whale Shark Cash Card BundleAction/Adventure$156.4550.00%$78.23$62.58BUY
Hitman Intro PackStealth action$22.7540.00%$13.65$11.38BUY
Hitman Upgrade PackStealth action$67.9540.00%$40.77$33.98BUY
Hitman: The Complete First SeasonStealth action$84.9540.00%$50.97$42.48BUY
Hyper Light DrifterAdventure$26.9525.00%$20.21$18.06BUY
Just Cause 3Action/Adventure$99.9560.00%$39.98$32.98BUY
Just Cause 3 XL EditionAction/Adventure$137.7060.00%$55.08$45.44BUY
Just Dance 2017Sport$89.9540.00%$53.97$44.98BUY
Kerbal Space ProgramSimulationN/AN/AN/AN/ABUY
Kinect Sports RivalsSport$69.9560.00%$27.98$23.08BUY
LEGO Jurassic WorldAdventure$89.9540.00%$53.97$44.98BUY
LEGO Marvel AvengersAdventure$69.9540.00%$41.97$34.98BUY
Life is Strange: Complete SeasonAdventure$26.9560.00%$10.78$8.89BUY
Mad MaxAction/Adventure$99.9530.00%$69.97$59.97BUY
Madden NFL 17Sport$99.9530.00%$69.97$59.97BUY
Madden NFL 17 DeluxeSport$109.9530.00%$76.97$65.97BUY
Madden NFL 17 Super DeluxeSport$99.9530.00%$69.97$59.97BUY
Mafia IIIAction/Adventure$99.9520.00%$79.96$69.97BUY
Mafia III Deluxe EditionAction/Adventure$129.4525.00%$97.09$84.14BUY
Mega Man Legacy CollectionAdventure$22.7550.00%$11.38$9.10BUY
Metro 2033 ReduxSurvival horror$26.9567.00%$8.89$6.74BUY
Metro Last Light ReduxSurvival horror$26.9567.00%$8.89$6.74BUY
Metro Redux BundleSurvival horror$39.9570.00%$11.99$7.99BUY
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - GOTYAction/adventure$54.9535.00%$35.72$30.22BUY
Mighty No. 9Adventure$26.9550.00%$13.48$10.78BUY
Minecraft Story Mode Complete AdventureAdventure$45.7030.00%$31.99$27.42BUY
Minecraft Story Mode: Season Pass DeluxeAdventure$45.7030.00%$31.99$27.42BUY
Mirror’s Edge CatalystAdventure$49.9540.00%$29.97$24.98BUY
Naruto STORM 4Fighting$94.9560.00%$37.98$31.33BUY
Naruto STORM 4 Deluxe EditionFighting$124.2060.00%$49.68$40.99BUY
NBA 2K17Sport$99.9520.00%$79.96$69.97BUY
NBA 2K17 Legend EditionSport$119.7025.00%$89.78$77.81BUY
NBA 2K17 Legend Gold EditionSport$144.4530.00%$101.12$86.67BUY
One Piece: Burning BloodFighting$99.9550.00%$49.98$39.98BUY
One Piece: Burning Blood Gold EditionFighting$132.4540.00%$79.47$66.23BUY
Overcooked Gourmet EditionPuzzle$25.5533.00%$19.16$17.12BUY
OverwatchFirst-person shooter$99.9530.00%$69.97$59.97BUY
Pool Nation FXSport$14.9560.00%$5.98$4.93BUY
Powerstar Golf – Full Game UnlockSport$26.9560.00%$10.78$8.89BUY
Prototype: Biohazard BundleAction/Adventure$69.9540.00%$41.97$34.98BUY
Rare ReplayArcade$29.9960.00%$12.00$9.90BUY
Resident Evil Triple PackSurvival horror$62.9530.00%$44.07$37.77BUY
Rise of the Tomb RaiderAction/Adventure$99.9525.00%$74.96$66.97BUY
Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year CelebrationAction/Adventure$139.9525.00%$104.96$93.77BUY
Saints Row IV - Re-electedAction/AdventureN/A67.00%N/AN/ABUY
Saints Row IV - Re-elected & Gat Out of HellAction/AdventureN/A67.00%N/AN/ABUY
Shadow Complex RemasteredAdventure$19.9540.00%$11.97$9.98BUY
Slime RancherSimulation$26.9525.00%$20.21$18.06BUY
SMITE Ultimate God Pack BundleMOBA$39.9525.00%$29.96$26.77BUY
Song of the DeepMetroidvania$19.9540.00%$11.97$7.98BUY
State of Decay: Year One Survival EditionSurvival horror$29.9540.00%$17.97$14.98BUY
The CrewRacing$41.9560.00%$16.78$13.84BUY
The Telltale Games CollectionAdventure$109.9967.00%$36.30$27.50BUY
The Witcher 3 – Complete EditionRole playing game$75.9540.00%$55.97$47.97BUY
The Witcher 3: Blood and WineRole playing game$28.9015.00%$24.57$21.68BUY
The Witcher 3: Hearts of StoneRole playing game$13.4515.00%$11.43$10.09BUY
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntRole playing game$55.4540.00%$33.27$27.73BUY
This War of Mine: The Little OnesSimulation$39.9560.00%$15.98$11.99BUY
Titanfall 2First-person shooter$99.9530.00%$69.97$59.97BUY
Titanfall 2 Deluxe EditionFirst-person shooterN/A30.00%N/AN/ABUY
TMNT: MiMAction/Adventure$69.9540.00%$41.97$34.98BUY
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeAction/Adventure$71.7040.00%$43.02$35.85BUY
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Gold EditionAction/Adventure$119.7040.00%$71.82$59.85BUY
Tom Clancy’s The DivisionAction/Adventure$69.9530.00%$48.97$41.97BUY
Tom Clancy’s The Division Gold EditionAction/Adventure$129.4540.00%$77.67$64.73BUY
Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionAction/Adventure$29.9570.00%$8.99$5.99BUY
Trackmania TurboRacing$59.9550.00%$29.98$23.98BUY
Trials of the Blood DragonRacing$21.9540.00%$13.17$8.78BUY
Wolfenstein: The New OrderFirst-person shooter$29.9560.00%$11.98$9.88BUY
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodFirst-person shooter$29.9560.00%$11.98$9.88BUY
WWE 2K17Wrestling$99.9520.00%$79.96$69.97BUY
WWE 2K17 Digital DeluxeWrestling$145.2030.00%$101.64$87.12BUY
XCOM 2Strategy$69.9525.00%$52.46$45.47BUY
XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe EditionStrategy$92.7030.00%$64.89$55.62BUY
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