Finder App - Your new way to budget and save. Sorted.

Your new way to save. Sorted.

  • Track your money with real-time account monitoring
  • Find ways to reduce your bills with personalised insights
  • Check your financial health with credit report alerts
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A million decisions in your pocket

Find better rates, less fees and more savings automatically.

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Chances are there's a better credit card, home loan or savings account than the one you have today. You just haven't found it yet.

Manage multiple accounts in one place

From credit cards to home loans, savings and spending, you can now connect and manage your financial commitments in one place.

Make better decisions

Connect your accounts and receive regular insights and alerts when a better option becomes available. You will automatically find more potential savings and make better decisions.

How will it work?

Get set up in 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Download the app
    Manage your money on the go by downloading the app creating your account.
  • Step 2: Connect your accounts
    Connect and synch your accounts to the app. Now you will receive live updates on your accounts and compare your existing accounts to wider market.
  • Step 3: Track your financial health
    Analyze your financial health score and track where your money is coming and going.
  • Step 4: Take Action
    Finder will provide you with regular insights on your existing accounts and introduce you to better products, lower rates and potential savings when they become available.

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How will my personal information be used?

Your data will be used to give you suggestions on optimisations to your financial products. We will find ways for you to save money with better deals.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored in the Finder database and our data provider Yodlee. We do not actually store your banking details, credentials are encrypted and stored with Yodlee. Finder does not have access to these credentials.

Who is my data being shared to?

No one. Finder does not believe in selling your personal information to anyone. Finder will not share your data with anyone else, unless you explicitly say "Yes". And we will openly inform you when this decision is there. This might be to your financial adviser, broker or accountant, but you must give permission explicitly.

Is my data being shared with 3rd parties?

No. Finder refuses to share your personal data with anyone else. We will ask you if you want to share your data with someone to speed up applications.

How can I opt out of my data being used?

You can opt your data out by disconnecting your bank account. End of story.

Is the App secure?


We've adopted a security posture that will see us attain SOC-2 Type 1 - and then Type 2 - certification alongside PCI compliance, ISO27001 and other industry recognised standards. We follow the NIST security guidelines and we maintain APP (Australian Privacy Principles) compliance. Access to member data is prohibited to almost all Finder crew, including all members of the App team, and a total of just 5 long standing Finder crew are allowed monitored and audited access for the sole purpose of serving member requests.

We have specifically hired senior and principal engineers over the past 12 months that have delivered these accreditations in a regulated environment for ASX and FTSE listed businesses. We have also recruited strong security leaders including the Head of Security from and the Head of Security from The Iconic.

Our monitoring, alerting and other defence systems such as WAFs are able to block attacks and defend against DOS and DDOS attacks and indeed have done so. We conduct security audits from accredited and recognised security firms and we will be conducting 2 penetration tests a year from another accredited security firm. Finder uses multi-factor authentication internally and for members log-in to services such as the App. Most importantly, Finder recognises that your information is the most important asset that can be trusted to Finder and strives always to deliver the spirit of security and privacy regulation rather than just obeying the letter.

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How does the App find better products for me?

We look at your bank account statements and other information you give us and make suggestions based on the millions of decisions we have helped users make on finder. We leverage the engines and databases of products that we have to give you these insights. We also look at other users and give you suggestions of what else you could possibly do. And finally we have years and years of expertise with financial products and over time we have learnt quite a bit about optimal ways to setup your financial life. And we are obsessed about sharing those ideas and tips and tricks to our members.

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