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Take advantage of monthly interest and at-call access to your savings.

  • Introductory rate of 2.55% p.a. for 3 months, reverting to 1.15% p.a.
  • Available on the entire balance
  • $0 account keeping fee
  • Link to an ANZ Everyday transaction account

Product details

One of the big four banks, ANZ has been helping Aussies with their savings needs for 180 years. The Online Saver offers an introductory bonus rate of 2.55% p.a. for the first 3 months. If you already hold an ANZ bank account and looking for somewhere to temporarily park your funds, this could be an account worth reading about.

Remember to check if your interest rate is still competitive after the introductory period.

Product Name
ANZ Online Saver
Maximum Variable Rate
2.55% p.a.
Standard Variable Rate
1.15% p.a.
Bonus Variable Rate
1.40% p.a.
Introductory / Bonus Offer Conditions
The bonus rate offer is only available to new ANZ Online Saver customers who have not held an ANZ Online Saver account during the last 6 months and apply online. After 3 months the rate reverts to the standard variable rate
Monthly Fee
Minimum Opening Deposit
Introductory Interest Period
3 month(s)
Internet Banking
Internet Transaction Fee
Phone Banking
Phone Transaction Fee
Joint application?
Minimum Age Requirement
Maximum Age Requirement
No Maximum Age
Covered by Government Guarantee?
Yes (Up to $250,000 per person, per institution)

What are the features of the ANZ Online Saver Account?

There are plenty of reasons to think about the ANZ Online Saver if you have big plans for the future. When comparing other savings accounts with this one, you should keep the following features in mind:

Bonus interest of 2.55% p.a. for the first 3 months

New customers are given a bonus rate on top of the variable standard interest rate, just for opening the Online Saver account. This introductory interest rate lasts for 3 months before it will revert back to the standard interest rate. The bonus rate offer is only available to new ANZ Online Saver customers who have not held an ANZ Online Saver account during the last 6 months and apply online. The maximum variable rate is also not available to beneficiaries for an ANZ Online Saver account held on trust within the past 6 months.

Standard interest rate of 1.15%

After the introductory period, the rate will revert to the standard variable rate.

Online accessibility

You can transfer funds in and out of your savings account easily by logging into your account and making the transfer. You can use ANZ internet banking, phone banking or the ANZ goMoney app for iPhone or Android to log into your savings account whenever you need to.

Linked bank account

You can only link this account with an ANZ Everyday transaction account. This account can only be linked to: the ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ Access Select, ANZ Access Basic, ANZ Pensioner Advantage, ANZ Progress Saver, ANZ V2 PLUS, ANZ Premium Cash Management Account and ANZ Everyday Visa Debit. Please note that fees could apply to these accounts and these cards all come with linked debit cards.

Direct debits

The ANZ Online Saver account can support direct debits, but cannot support periodical transfers.

$0 fees

The ANZ Online Saver carries no monthly service fees.

No minimum balance

With an ANZ Online Saver you are not required to maintain a monthly minimum balance.

How is my interest calculated?

Your interest will be calculated daily and deposited into your account at the beginning of the following month. It is a variable interest rate, so will most likely move alongside the RBA cash rate.

Easy-to-use app

With a 4 digit pin to log in, you can access your ANZ online saver from an iPhone or Android mobile phone. This feature allows you to check your balance and transfer money between accounts as well as pay bills and find the nearest branch.

Transfer instantly between ANZ accounts

You can transfer funds instantly between your ANZ Everyday account and your ANZ Online Saver account, so you hav the convinience of accessing larger amounts of money in real time should you ever need to. Just remember, while you be be able to access the money in real time, it may still take up to 3 business days for the funds to clear to an external account.

Protected by the Government Guarantee

The ANZ Online Saver is protected by the Australian Government guarantee scheme, securing that your deposits of up to $250,000 are safe.

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  • Introductory rate of 2.55% p.a. for first 3 months
  • $0 Account keeping fees
  • Interest rate is available on the entire balance


  • Interest rate drops to 1.15% p.a. after the introductory period
  • Must link to an ANZ Everyday transaction account

How do I apply for the ANZ Online Saver?

If the ANZ Online Saver has all you need in a savings account, you can click ‘Go to Site’ and be taken to a secure application page.

Eligibility to apply online

There are some eligibility requirements you should make sure you can meet before proceeding to the application:

  • Minimum age. Applicants for the ANZ Online Saver must be at least 12 years old.
  • Residency requirements. Only Australian residents with a valid Australian address can open an ANZ Online Saver.
  • Depository requirements. There is no minimum deposit requirement, but you will have to provide account information for an ANZ transaction account in order to transfer money.

Documentation to apply online

When filling out the application you are going to need information from the following documentation:

  • Tax file number. Depending on your circumstance and the amount of interest earned, you could be required to pay taxes to the Australian government. Providing your tax file number ensures that the correct taxes are applied.
  • Identification. All Australian banks require that you are able to verify your identity using a valid driver’s licence, passport or other documentation such as a utility bill.
  • Transaction account. Be sure that you have your transaction account information ready in order to be able to link the accounts.

What happens after I complete the application?

Completing the application should take about ten minutes after which it will be processed through ANZ who will set up your savings account within two business days.

What if I'm a non-resident or not eligible to apply online?

If you're currently overseas but planning to migrate to Australia, you can open an ANZ online saver before you arrive. If you're not eligible to apply online or if none of the above situations apply to you, please visit your local ANZ branch to apply.

Can I open an ANZ transaction bank account (AUD) in Singapore and then open ANZ Online Saver account? If no, do I have to be in Australia physically to open the ANZ transaction bank account? Does it matter which city I open the bank account?

If you’re currently overseas but planning to move to Australia, you can apply for the ANZ Access Advantage and ANZ Online Saver prior to your arrival. If you visit the ANZ website and go to their ‘Moving to Australia’ section, you can find more details about how to complete your application online. Should you have any further enquiries about the application process, please contact ANZ directly.

Looking at the ANZ online saver. Do you have a travel money card that I can use as well?

You’ve come through to which is an online comparison service, so we don’t represent ANZ. However, if you’re interested in an ANZ travel money card you can learn more about their travel money products on this page.

Can I open an account under 3 names? If so what type of account would be best? And can I apply online?

With the ANZ Online Saver account, you can open a joint account where each account holder will be able to operate the account and act alone. Please note that you cannot specify that more than one person needs to authorise transactions. As is an online comparison service, we cannot recommend specific products. Your best course of action would be to contact ANZ directly to discuss your options.

Can you BPAY out of this account?

With the ANZ Online Saver account, you can access your savings via BPAY, internet or phone banking.

What interest do you lose if you with draw money and what rewards you get if you deposit money regularly? Also how regularly you receive the interest and how long any introductory interest rate applies?

The ANZ Online Saver can be linked to your ANZ transaction account. The maximum variable rate is offered to new applicants for the first 3 months, and after this time the rate will revert back to the standard variable rate.The interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

I have an ANZ Progress Saver & a Westpac Rewards both with over $250K in them plus a Comm E- Saver with about $60K I am thinking of retiring maybe this year getting jack crap interest were do I go this late in life the share market I feel is too shaky?

As is an online comparison service, we cannot recommend specific savings accounts. However, you might be interested to compare high interest savings accounts.

Can a trust fund open one of these accounts?

According to ANZ’s terms and conditions, trust accounts can be opened in the following situations; where one or more person opens an account in which they are named as trustee for another person, by trustees under a will or by trustee for clubs and other organisations. It is strongly advised that you contact ANZ directly to discuss your situation.

I opened online saver bank in my account and i put some money in it, now I need that money and try to transfer between my bank but I can’t transfer , How can i transfer it?

For transfer instructions, it’s best to speak to a member of the customer service team at ANZ.

Can I open an account, as a UK resident, for my grandchild to be transferred into her name at age 18?

To discuss your eligibility for the ANZ Online Saver account, you’ll need to speak to ANZ UK. This will depend on their policies and whether they can open an account for you here in Australia. If you are able to open one, you can provide rights for the account for your granddaughter when she turns 18 in writing.

I have a joint account with my husband but now I want to have my own separate account. What do I need to do?

Please contact ANZ directly to communicate this, they will provide the relevant forms for you to fill in.

At present my wife and I have a savings account earning 2.5 percent interest plus a 1 percent bonus per month for 8 months. This account expires on 1 March 2015. What is the best way to reinvest this money and what is the best interest available. The account has 50k plus interest in it at the moment.

Please note that is an online comparison service and is not in a position to recommend specific products, providers and services or provide financial advice. If you’d like to compare high interest savings accounts, please see this page. If you click on ‘maximum variable rate’ in the blue table, it automatically sorts the rates in ascending order.

I have an anz online saver account. Can I set up a direct debit for monthly bills to come out of this account by using the bsb and account number for the account?

All deposits and withdrawals into and out of this account must go through your linked everyday account. You can set up direct debits out of this rather than directly with the Online Savings Account.

I currently have an ANZ online saver account but am not happy with the interest rate. i have a significant amount of money to invest if the rate is better. Please advise best rate. It is not clear to me. What can you offer to existing clients?

Unfortunately as we’re, and not ANZ, we’re not able to negotiate interest rates. Please contact ANZ directly to discuss interest rates.

Is there a maximum deposit for the online saver to qualify for the bonus rate?

The interest rate applies to all balances. There is no maximum deposit to qualify for the bonus rate.

I transfer funds from my online saver account to my everyday account, I’ve tried several times without success, help would be greatly appreciated

Please try transferring the funds from your ANZ Online Saver to your linked account first, and then transfer the funds from your linked account to the recipient account.

Can I link an online saver account to an outside bank account not an ANZ one?

Unfortunately your ANZ Online Saver needs to be linked to an ANZ Transaction account at all times.

What is the maximum amount I can earn interest on?

There is no maximum amount that you can earn interest on for this product.

Can I withdraw in a branch from my online e saver or do I need to transfer it to my linked account?

Withdrawals from this account must take place through your linked account, so you might be able to transfer your withdrawal to your linked account and then go to the branch to access these funds by withdrawing them from your linked account.

When you make a withdrawal do you lose interest on the whole deposit for the month or just the amount you are withdrawing?

This account doesn’t penalise you for withdrawing. The bonus rate is offered for four months regardless of withdrawals made.

I would like my direct debits to come out of my online saver, will I be charged for this?

Unfortunately you may not withdraw money from your ANZ Online Saver account via electronic Direct Debit or Periodical Payment.

Just wondering how do I close my ANZ online saver account?

Please call ANZ or visit a branch to close your account.

Is the Anz online saver now paying a better rate than the Anz progress saver?

At this current time, this is correct, although keep in mind that each account is suited to different individuals and savings plans. For example, the Online Saver gives this rate for only four months, while the Progress Saver earns the maximum amount of interest continuously as long as you make no withdrawals and deposit at least 10 per month.

Am I able to pay via direct debit from my ANZ Online Saver Account?

According to the ANZ terms and conditions for this account: "You aren’t able to withdraw money from the ANZ Online Saver Account via electronic Direct Debit or Periodical Payments."

I am a full time tertiary student in Australia and just learnt that I shouldn’t be paying any monthly fees for my ANZ Online Saver account. I wasn’t aware that I can waive that fee, I only found out about it during my search for a new savings account. Is there any way that I can get a full refund if I present proof of enrolment for the past 2 years that I have been studying at university? Just a correction from my previous question, it was my anz access advantage that was getting the monthly fees. Do u think i can still get a refund?

Unfortunately this will up to the discretion of ANZ, so you’ll need to ask them directly. You may not be able to get a refund for the last 2 years you’ve been studying but you may still be able to get the monthly fee waived for your future years of study.

To open an ANZ Online Saver account must you also have another ANZ account such as a transaction account?

Yes, your ANZ Online Saver account needs to be linked to any of the following eligible ANZ account(s); Access Advantage, Access Select, Access Basic, Access Deeming, Progress Saver, V2 PLUS, Premium Cash Management Account or Everyday Visa Debit.

What is a new applicant ? If you have a joint access account can you be a new applicant?

A new applicant is someone who has never held that particular account before. If you have joint access and one of the applicants has never held an ANZ online saver before you’re still eligible for the bonus interest if you apply online – but you’ll also need to contact ANZ via phone after your application to notify them of this situation so they can apply the bonus interest to your joint account.

Is the Bonus variable rate available to Self Managed Super Funds?

The ANZ Online Saver isn’t available for SMSFs, it’s only available for personal use. If you need assistance with finding the right account, you may want to get in touch with a financial advisor.

Could you please explain when and how the Bonus Variable Rate will be applied? I assume if I make a single deposit? how much does it need to be and how often?

The bonus rate applies for the first 4 months if you apply for the ANZ online saver through an online application. If you apply through an ANZ branch you won’t be eligible for the bonus interest.

Can someone help me on how to transfer money from our Online Saver account to one of our clients?

Please ask your client for their account number, BSB and account number. When you log into your ANZ online portal there should be a section titled ‘transfer funds’ or similar. When on that page, follow the prompts and you’ll be required to enter the details that you’ve obtained above.

Yesterday an anz customer transferred $25000.00 into my cheque account online. My account has been credited with the full amount but I am only allowed to transfer $500.00 to my online account. When will the balance of funds be available?

Please allow up to 3 business days for the transaction to be fully processed.

Can i withdraw money from my online saver account in atm machine?

You can’t withdraw your money directly from the ANZ online saver, you’ll need to transfer your funds into your linked ANZ transaction account and withdraw the funds from there.

Can I close the account after 4 months?

Yes you can close the account after 4 months.

Me and my husband both over 55y old,working full time,and have No debts…and saving most of wages. Already have big saving,and still saving every this account good for us? i need good interest on my savings,and don’t like Term Deposit offer by other Banks. Please give me some advice.

Since we’re an online comparison site I can only give out general advice. If you’re looking for a savings account with high interest rates then you might want to compare our featured high interest savings accounts.

Can I open this account Online Saver in my self managed super fund?

The ANZ online saver is not available with your SMSF. Instead, ANZ have a separate range of products for super and investments.

We already have an online savings account with ANZ and the bonus interest rate is about to come to an end – I obviously want to get the best interest rate possible with our money do you have any suggestions on how to do this?

You may want to consider switching to another savings account from another institution to make the most out of their introductory offer. There is a video on this page that can help explain the process.

I have a couple of questions concerning a savings account. Is there a limit to the amount of money I can have in a savings account? And if I make that savings account will I be gaining interest until choose to close the account?

There is no maximum for the ANZ Online Saver. You will be earning interest on the funds you have in the account, until your close the account, or all the funds have been withdrawn.

Does ANZ charge a fee for making withdrawals from this account?

Online transfers are free of charge, however, if you do it in branch it may incur a fee.

What is the maximum daily limit that can be authorised online. eg say there is 200 k in the account and I need to xfer 150 k in 1 go can this be done?

There are no daily limits on withdrawals to linked ANZ transaction accounts. This should clear the same business day if done before 4pm.

I am interested in opening a few Online Saver Accounts in order to better manage my savings. Can I give each account a specific name eg Holiday Account, Children’s Account etc or will the accounts only be able to be identified via the Bank issued Account Number?

The way ANZ suggests this is to open multiple free accounts. I take that you’d be able to name them differently and they’d all be accessible through the one internet banking account.

Do you get unlimited ATM use? If no how many times can you use an ATM before you get charged? How much is the charge?

This is an online savings account. Most online savings accounts don’t double as transaction accounts. So, you won’t be able to withdraw money at an ATM with this account. This account can be linked to the following ANZ accounts which offer various conditions for account keeping fees and ATM transaction charges: ANZ Everyday Visa Debit, ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ Extras Package, ANZ Access Select, ANZ Access Basic, ANZ Access Deeming, ANZ Progress Saver ,ANZ V2 PLUS ,ANZ Premium Cash Management Account, ANZ Access Advantage has unlimited ANZ ATM transactions for a monthly fee

Would I be able to set up an automatic monthly transfer of a fixed amount out of the ANZ Saver into another account at a different bank?

Usually this is possible as long as the other account is based in Australia, and doesn’t belong to a credit union. It’s best to confirm this with ANZ.

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20 Responses to ANZ Online Saver Account

  1. Default Gravatar
    Aneeta | January 16, 2017

    I am an ANZ customer and I want to save money for holiday like $25 per week.

    Which account is the best for this type of option

    • Staff
      May | January 16, 2017

      Hi Aneeta,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Basically, you can go with a savings account for that purpose. If you’ve already decided to go with ANZ Online Saver, you may open an account by clicking the green “Open” button above.

      Meanwhile, you can also check your other online savings account options on this page. You can use the calculator above the table on that page to calculate your approximate interest earnings by indicating your initial and monthly deposits as well as term/period of investment.


  2. Default Gravatar
    Michael | December 21, 2016

    Please advise if this account is available to business customers

    • Staff
      Anndy | December 21, 2016

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your question.

      The ANZ Online Saver Account is for individuals only.

      Please check this page to compare business savings account.


  3. Default Gravatar
    Sarah | August 31, 2016

    Can I renew the online saver after three months and receive the bonus interest rate again?

    • Staff
      Anndy | August 31, 2016

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately, that is not possible. The bonus interest rate offer is only available to new ANZ Online Saver customers who:

      - Have not held an ANZ Online Saver account during the last 6 months
      - Have submitted an application online.

      After 3 months, the interest rate will revert to the standard variable rate.


  4. Default Gravatar
    Bev | August 29, 2016

    My current online saver account is due to expire next week. What is the interest rate if I renew again seeing I am not a new customer?

    • Staff
      Clarizza | August 29, 2016

      Hi Bev,

      Thanks for your question. The interest rate should revert to the base rate. For the ANZ Online Saver, the standard rate is 1.55% p.a.


  5. Default Gravatar
    Hwai | May 23, 2016

    If a person opens a new savers account, they receive the bonus interest of 2.9%. Then after 3 months it goes down to 1.55%. What happens if the person closes that account after 3 months and then re-opens a new savers account 6 months later. Does that person receive the 2.9% bonus again?

    January – person opens new savers account and receives 2.9% bonus interest rate.
    April – 3 months later, savers account drops to 1.55%, person closes the savers account and transfers the money to access account in ANZ.
    October – opens a new savers account which is 6 months from April. What will be the interest rate at this time? Will it be 1.55% or 2.9% if that bonus rate is still available?

    • Default Gravatar
      Ross | April 26, 2017

      If I transfer funds from my Online Saver to my Everyday Account for the purpose of obtaining a Bank Cheque to buy a car, can the Bank Chq be drawn immediately or is there a period of to wait till the funds clear

    • Staff
      Harold | April 26, 2017

      Hi Ross,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      You can transfer instantly between the ANZ online saver and the ANZ everyday account. So you can write a cheque for the car dealer in real time but it might take up to 3 days to process the cheque on the dealer’s end.

      I hope this information has helped.


    • Staff
      Shirley | May 24, 2016

      Hi Hwai,

      Thanks for your question.

      Please note that the interest rate on the ANZ online saver is variable. Should you open another ANZ online saver account in October, you’ll receive whatever the bonus rate is at the time.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Default Gravatar
    Tony | March 17, 2016

    Is there a maximum balance the bonus interest applies to?

    • Staff
      Shirley | March 17, 2016

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your question.

      The bonus rate applies to the entire balance.

  7. Default Gravatar
    Karl | March 13, 2016

    Hi Shirley,

    Re: your comments “Unfortunately you can’t withdraw money from your ANZ online Saver account via electronic direct debit or periodical payment”

    I presume this has changed as explain on the ANZ website and have already been introduced? ANZ advised below as read on 13-03-16

    Accessibility. Linked to your ANZ Everyday Account, moving money in and out of your savings account is as easy as logging into your account and making the transfer.

    • Staff
      Shirley | March 14, 2016

      Hi Karl,

      Thanks for your question.

      Please note at the content on this page have been written by the staff of, not ANZ.

      What that section is saying is that if you’d like to access your ANZ online saver account, you need to do so via your linked bank account. For this reason, you won’t be able to set up electronic direct debit or periodical payments (you’ll need to do so via the linked bank account).

  8. Default Gravatar
    | November 19, 2015

    I like to transfer fund , does ANZ Online Saver permit direct debit ? any limit applied?

    • Staff
      Shirley | November 19, 2015

      Hi Tan,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately you can’t withdraw money from your ANZ online Saver account via electronic direct debit or periodical payment.


  9. Default Gravatar
    tim | September 6, 2015

    what happen after the 3months interest period. do u keep getting interest on the money u got in the bank. what happens if I make a withdrawal from my account
    if I put $40 a month in this account how much interest would I make a year. what happens if I make a with drawl from this account do I get a bank card for this account

    • Staff
      Shirley | September 7, 2015

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your question.

      After the introductory period, you’ll get the standard variable interest rate. If you make a withdrawal, the interest is calculated based on the balance you have in account.

      You’d get $2.72 in interest for the year. If you make a withdrawal the interest will be less. There is no debit card linked to this account.


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