How to stretch 20 days of leave into 52 days of holidays in the NT

Northern Territorians, here’s how you can make the most of your annual leave in 2020.

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With the closest Australian city to Asia and all those cheap flights to Bali and Singapore, we want you Northern Territorians to take advantage of your holidays as much as you can.

We've done the maths and figured out how you can plan your 20 days of annual leave around public holidays and long weekends to get 52 days of holidays. So you better get booking!

When to plan your holidays:

Book in annual leave for the days in italics. The other days are either weekends or public holidays.


Wednesday 1 January (Public holiday: New Year's Day)

Thursday 2 January

Friday 3 January

Saturday 4 January

Sunday 5 January

Saturday 25 January

Sunday 26 January

Monday 27 January (Public holiday: Australia Day)

Tuesday 28 January

Wednesday 29 January

Thursday 30 January

Friday 31 January

Saturday 1 February

Sunday 2 February


Saturday 4 April

Sunday 5 April

Monday 6 April

Tuesday 7 April

Wednesday 8 April

Thursday 9 April

Friday 10 April (Public holiday: Good Friday)

Saturday 11 April

Sunday 12 April

Monday 13 April (Public holiday: Easter Monday)


Saturday 2 May

Sunday 3 May

Monday 4 May (Public holiday: May Day)

Tuesday 5 May

Wednesday 6 May

Thursday 7 May


Saturday 6 June

Sunday 7 June

Monday 8 June (Public holiday: Queen's Birthday)


Saturday 1 August

Sunday 2 August

Monday 3 August (Public holiday: Picnic Day)


Saturday 19 December

Sunday 20 December

Monday 21 December

Tuesday 22 December

Wednesday 23 December

Thursday 24 December

Friday 25 December (Public holiday: Christmas Day)

Saturday 26 December

Sunday 27 December

Monday 28 December (Public holiday: Boxing Day)

Tuesday 29 December

Wednesday 30 December

Thursday 31 December


  • Total holiday days: 52 days
  • Annual leave used: 20 days

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