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Amazon Prime Video kids’ movies full list

Treat your kids to a memorable movie marathon.


A little girl is watching TV. She's playing a movie and appears happy and entertained by what's playing on the LCD TV. She's 6 years old and Eurasian. Her dog is sitting on the couch in the background. The home's interior appears stylish and includes old-world/vintage home decor.

Update: Prime Video has made select kids 'content available for free.

This table was last updated on 27 May 2020. There are 527 Kids movies in the Prime Video library.
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TitleYear of releaseGenresWatch it
3 Day Christmas2012KidsWatch now
587 The Great Train Robbery2000KidsWatch now
A Christmas Carol2019KidsWatch now
A Christmas Star2017KidsWatch now
A Different Sun2018KidsWatch now
A Doggone Adventure2018KidsWatch now
A Dot Com Mom2016KidsWatch now
A Golden Christmas2009KidsWatch now
A Lionel Christmas 22009KidsWatch now
A Little Princess1996KidsWatch now
A Pony Tale2013KidsWatch now
A Waltz Through the Hills2015KidsWatch now
ABC Heroes Non Stop2020KidsWatch now
Abominable2019KidsWatch now
Adutha Saattai2019KidsWatch now
Adventure Stories with Steve & Maggie2019KidsWatch now
Adventure of the Treasure Boys2020KidsWatch now
Adventures of the Wilderness Family1975KidsWatch now
Adventures of the Wilderness Family 21978KidsWatch now
Air Bud: Golden Receiver1998KidsWatch now
Air Buddies2006KidsWatch now
Aladdin And The Adventure Of All Time2000KidsWatch now
Aliens in the Attic2009KidsWatch now
All About Cowboys For Kids, Part 22005KidsWatch now
Alligator Pie1991KidsWatch now
Alphabet, Phonics, & More Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Alphabet, Phonics, & More Kids Songs! by English Tree TV2019KidsWatch now
Alphabets Adventure & More Kids Song - Bob The Train2019KidsWatch now
Alvin and the Chipmunks2007KidsWatch now
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked2011KidsWatch now
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel2009KidsWatch now
Amazed By You2018KidsWatch now
An American Girl Story: Summer Camp, Friends For Life2017KidsWatch now
An Angel for May2002KidsWatch now
An Oddsville Christmas2016KidsWatch now
Andrea's Big Moment2015KidsWatch now
Angry Birds Movie 2, the2019KidsWatch now
Animal Sounds Song2019KidsWatch now
Anne of Green Gables2016KidsWatch now
Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars2016KidsWatch now
Archive Movie Double Feature - Jack And The Beanstalk & The Pied Piper Of Hamelin2010KidsWatch now
Aruvi (Hindi)2020KidsWatch now
Asterix and Cleopatra2019KidsWatch now
Asterix the Gaul2019KidsWatch now
Azzu & Gazzu - International Super Detectives2016KidsWatch now
Baby Bao Panda Non-Stop2019KidsWatch now
Baby Shark & More Kids Songs (Little Treehouse)2019KidsWatch now
Baby Shark & More Kids Songs - Super Simple Songs2017KidsWatch now
Baby Shark - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs2018KidsWatch now
Bal Ganesh2007KidsWatch now
Bal Ganesh And The Pomzom Planet2017KidsWatch now
Bal Ganesh Part II2009KidsWatch now
Bal Ganesh Part III2015KidsWatch now
Ballad from Tibet2019KidsWatch now
Bath Song & Fun Kid Songs (Bob The Train)2019KidsWatch now
Ben The Train Kids Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Benji1974KidsWatch now
Benji - Off the Leash2004KidsWatch now
Bible Town2017KidsWatch now
Big Sonia2017KidsWatch now
Bill and CooKidsWatch now
Birth of a Family2017KidsWatch now
Black Beauty1994KidsWatch now
Black Beauty Breed2015KidsWatch now
Blinky Bill The Mischievous Koala1992KidsWatch now
Blood Tea and Red String2006KidsWatch now
Blue Fire Lady2018KidsWatch now
Bob The Train - Non Stop2018KidsWatch now
Bob The Train: Wheels on the Bus - Nursery Rhyme and Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Bob the Train - Learning Alphabets & More Preschools Videos for Kids2019KidsWatch now
Bong Dong Kids Trucks Adventure2019KidsWatch now
BugvilleKidsWatch now
Bush Christmas1983KidsWatch now
Caillou's Amazing Week2017KidsWatch now
Camp New: Dollar Days2017KidsWatch now
Camp Wattabunchaphun: Goin' on a Treasure Hunt2018KidsWatch now
Captain Monsterica & The Purple Protector - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Car Wash for Children - Kids Channel2019KidsWatch now
Carl's Carwash: The Movie - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Cars & Monster Trucks For Kids2019KidsWatch now
Cars & Trucks Formation For Kids2019KidsWatch now
Cartoon Cars & Trucks Formation2019KidsWatch now
Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol2013KidsWatch now
Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities2013KidsWatch now
Charles Dickens: David Copperfield2013KidsWatch now
Charles Dickens: Great Expectations2013KidsWatch now
Charles Dickens: Nicholas Nickelby2013KidsWatch now
Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist2013KidsWatch now
Charlie Chaplin2002KidsWatch now
Checkered Ninja2019KidsWatch now
Children Rhymes and Kids Songs - Bud Bud Buddies2020KidsWatch now
Children's Aquarium: Finding the Real Nemo & Dory2015KidsWatch now
Chonda Pierce Presents: Stand up for Families - Food, Faith & Family2019KidsWatch now
Chop Kick Panda2011KidsWatch now
Christmas Cartoon Extravaganza2018KidsWatch now
Christmas Cartoon Wonderland2018KidsWatch now
Christmas Cartoons: 14 Christmas Cartoon Classics - 2 Hours of Holiday Favorites2016KidsWatch now
Christmas In The Clouds2005KidsWatch now
Christmas Mail2010KidsWatch now
Christmas Music & Carols for Babies - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Christmas in Hollywood2014KidsWatch now
Christmas with the Andersons2016KidsWatch now
CinderellaKidsWatch now
Cinderella1994KidsWatch now
Cinderella The Enchanted Beginning2018KidsWatch now
Clara's Ultimate Christmas2018KidsWatch now
Class President2002KidsWatch now
Colors, ABC's & More Kids Songs! by English Tree TV2020KidsWatch now
Come the Morning1993KidsWatch now
Comedy Cartoon Shows for Children - Panda a Panda2019KidsWatch now
Country Girls2014KidsWatch now
Crazy Creatures - Short Films for Kids2019KidsWatch now
Cut the Rope - Spot the Difference 22018KidsWatch now
Day of the Departed2016KidsWatch now
Dear Santa2006KidsWatch now
Dennis & Gnasher Haunted House2010KidsWatch now
Dennis the Menace: Cruise Control2002KidsWatch now
Destiny2016KidsWatch now
Diamond Dog Caper2008KidsWatch now
Dillagi1999KidsWatch now
Dinofroz: An Island in the Sky2015KidsWatch now
Dinofroz: The Origin2015KidsWatch now
Dinosaur Island2002KidsWatch now
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? & More Kids Songs - Super Simple Songs2017KidsWatch now
Dog City1989KidsWatch now
Doggy Daycare2015KidsWatch now
Doggy Don in Egypt2018KidsWatch now
Doggy Don vs Catman2016KidsWatch now
Dolphin Cruise2013KidsWatch now
Don't Worry Baby2016KidsWatch now
Dot and the Kangaroo1977KidsWatch now
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas2000KidsWatch now
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax2012KidsWatch now
EZ Money2007KidsWatch now
Eating Alabama2014KidsWatch now
Elf2003KidsWatch now
Elf-Man2012KidsWatch now
Emma's Dilemma2014KidsWatch now
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas1977KidsWatch now
Endrendrum Punnagai2013KidsWatch now
English Songs for Kids2019KidsWatch now
Epiphany2020KidsWatch now
Fairy Magic2005KidsWatch now
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009KidsWatch now
Farmees ABC Song + More Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Farmees Best Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Farmees Movie Compilation2019KidsWatch now
Farmees Phonics Songs2019KidsWatch now
Fatty Finn1980KidsWatch now
Favourite Children's Songs2014KidsWatch now
Favourite Nursery Rhymes2014KidsWatch now
Finger Family Kindergarten Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Firehouse Dog2007KidsWatch now
Five Little Ducks Children Nursery Rhymes - Farmees2019KidsWatch now
Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - Boom Buddies2019KidsWatch now
Flying By2009KidsWatch now
For Such A Time2014KidsWatch now
For the Love of Benji1977KidsWatch now
Fortnite: Battle, Build, Survive!2018KidsWatch now
Fred 3: Camp Fred2012KidsWatch now
Freedom1981KidsWatch now
Freedom Force2012KidsWatch now
Friends of the Jungle2014KidsWatch now
Frog Dreaming1986KidsWatch now
Fruits Song Educational Nursery Rhymes - Farmees2019KidsWatch now
Fruits, Colors, Shapes & More Kids Songs by English Tree TV2019KidsWatch now
Fun Kids Songs 12018KidsWatch now
Gaturro2010KidsWatch now
Generation Baby Buster2015KidsWatch now
Getting Out The Vote2016KidsWatch now
Getting The Message2016KidsWatch now
Ghatothkach 22013KidsWatch now
Glumpers - Blob Life2011KidsWatch now
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween2018KidsWatch now
Hacker2019KidsWatch now
Halloween Non-Stop - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Halloween Special with Steve & Maggie2019KidsWatch now
Hanuman Vs Mahiravan2018KidsWatch now
Happy Dog: The Movie - The Ultimate Dog Sitter with Natural Sounds2014KidsWatch now
Happy Dog: The Movie - The Ultimate Dog Sitter with Soothing Music2014KidsWatch now
Haunted House Monster Truck Little Red Car2019KidsWatch now
Hercules Houdini Holmes2019KidsWatch now
Hidden Treasure of the Mississippi2013KidsWatch now
Holiday Stories with Steve & Maggie2019KidsWatch now
Homestate2016KidsWatch now
Hook, Line, And Sinker - Wheeler & Woolsey In A 1930 Comedy ClassicKidsWatch now
Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans2019KidsWatch now
Horse Camp2015KidsWatch now
Horseplay2017KidsWatch now
Hotel for Dogs2009KidsWatch now
How to Beat a Bully2015KidsWatch now
How to Train Your Dragon2010KidsWatch now
Hua Mulan1998KidsWatch now
Hugo2011KidsWatch now
Humpty Dumpty & More Kids Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Humpty Dumpty & More Kids Rhymes (Junior Squad)2019KidsWatch now
Humpty Dumpty & More Kids Songs (Baby Bao Panda)2019KidsWatch now
Humpty Dumpty & More Kids Songs - Super Simple Songs2017KidsWatch now
Humpty Dumpty & More Kids Videos (Bob The Train)2019KidsWatch now
I Love Toy Trains - Ticket to Ride2013KidsWatch now
I Think I'm Having a Baby1981KidsWatch now
Imagine That2009KidsWatch now
Inspector Gadget's Last Case2002KidsWatch now
Itihaas1987KidsWatch now
Jabardast Josh2016KidsWatch now
Jack and the Beanstalk2009KidsWatch now
Jingle Bell & Christmas Carols for Kids - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Jingle Bells & Christmas Songs for Kids - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard1997KidsWatch now
Junior Squad - Five Little Babies & More Children Songs2019KidsWatch now
Junior Squad Non-Stop Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Kate's Island2015KidsWatch now
Kem Chho2020KidsWatch now
Kid West2018KidsWatch now
Kids Channel Car Wash For Kids2019KidsWatch now
Kids Learning Songs and Nursery Rhymes - Zeek and Friends2019KidsWatch now
Kids Songs from Mother Goose Club2015KidsWatch now
Kids TV - Christmas Carols for Kids2019KidsWatch now
Kids TV Cartoon Shows2019KidsWatch now
Kit n Kate2016KidsWatch now
Knight Rusty - Full Metal Racket2017KidsWatch now
LEGO CITY Presents Compilation 12016KidsWatch now
LEGO CITY Presents Compilation 22016KidsWatch now
LEGO DC Super Heroes: Batman Beleaguered2014KidsWatch now
LEGO Jurassic World: Indominous Escape2016KidsWatch now
LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Avengers Reassembled2015KidsWatch now
LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Maximum Overload2013KidsWatch now
Land of Glass2019KidsWatch now
Lapitch - The Little Shoemaker1970KidsWatch now
Lassie In "The Painted Hills" - The Adventure Color ClassicKidsWatch now
Learn A to Z Phonics Songs and More - Baby Box2019KidsWatch now
Learn Colors with Street Vehicles & Trucks2019KidsWatch now
Learn Street Vehicles for Children - Kids Channel2019KidsWatch now
Learning Patterns Educational Video for Kids - Umi Uzi2020KidsWatch now
Learning with The GiggleBots: GiggleBellies2019KidsWatch now
Lego Friends: The Grand Hotel2015KidsWatch now
Let's Learn English2018KidsWatch now
Lil Treasure Hunters2003KidsWatch now
Lily and the Little Fish2017KidsWatch now
Lion of Oz2000KidsWatch now
Little Crumb1999KidsWatch now
Little Eddie Popular Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Little Ghost1997KidsWatch now
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland1989KidsWatch now
Little Red Car - Original Songs2019KidsWatch now
Little Red Car - Popular Songs2019KidsWatch now
Little Red Car - Unlimited Songs2019KidsWatch now
Little Red Car - Your Choice Songs2019KidsWatch now
Little Red Car Scary Halloween2019KidsWatch now
Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs: Non-Stop2018KidsWatch now
Living With Dinosaurs1989KidsWatch now
Loco Nuts Cartoon Videos2019KidsWatch now
Lots & Lots of Jets and Planes - Thunder in the Skies2010KidsWatch now
Lots & Lots of Toy Trains - Model Railroading Action!2011KidsWatch now
Lots & Lots of Toy Trains Vol. 1 - Big Trains & Little Trains!2009KidsWatch now
Lots & Lots of Trains - Roaring Down the Rails!2007KidsWatch now
Lots & Lots of Trucks - Mighty Tough Trucks!2012KidsWatch now
Love for Christmas2012KidsWatch now
Luke & Lily Non Stop2019KidsWatch now
Luke And Lily Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Luke and Lily Baby Shark - Shark Song For Kids2019KidsWatch now
Luv And Kush2008KidsWatch now
MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate2005KidsWatch now
MVP: Most Valuable Primate2000KidsWatch now
Madagascar2005KidsWatch now
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted2012KidsWatch now
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa2008KidsWatch now
Magic Gift of the Snowman2004KidsWatch now
Magic Stories with Steve & Maggie2019KidsWatch now
Maineland2017KidsWatch now
Make Believe2012KidsWatch now
Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You2017KidsWatch now
Marmaduke2010KidsWatch now
Mask Masters2014KidsWatch now
Megamind2010KidsWatch now
Merlin: The Return2000KidsWatch now
Merry Ex-Mas2014KidsWatch now
Midnight Stallion2013KidsWatch now
Milo's Monster School Vlog 1 - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Milo's Monster School Vlog 2 - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Milo's Monster School Vlog 3: Holiday Specials - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Miniforce - The Fire Truck Song and More Videos for Kids2018KidsWatch now
Mirror Mirror2012KidsWatch now
Molly1983KidsWatch now
Monkey Rhymes Collection for Children and Babies2020KidsWatch now
Monkey Up2016KidsWatch now
Monster Dance Party2018KidsWatch now
Monsters Vs. Aliens2009KidsWatch now
Muthuramalingam2017KidsWatch now
My Brother The Time Traveler2017KidsWatch now
My Fair Madeline2003KidsWatch now
My Kid Survived2010KidsWatch now
My Santa2013KidsWatch now
Mysterious Museum: Search for the Jewel of Polaris1999KidsWatch now
Mystery Monsters1997KidsWatch now
New Girl in Town2013KidsWatch now
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow2008KidsWatch now
Nico The Unicorn2001KidsWatch now
Nursery Rhyme Cartoons from Mother Goose Club2016KidsWatch now
Nursery Rhyme Favourites2018KidsWatch now
Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Nursery Rhymes - Mother Goose Club Playhouse presents Rhyme With Us!2015KidsWatch now
Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Nursery Rhymes for Children + More Kids Song - Jelly Bears2019KidsWatch now
Nursery Rhymes, Letters, Colors and More with ABC Harry2019KidsWatch now
O'Christmas Tree1999KidsWatch now
Oddball2015KidsWatch now
Oddbods - Ultimate Outdoor Adventure2018KidsWatch now
Oh Christmas Tree!2013KidsWatch now
Old MacDonald Had a Farm & More Kids Songs - Super Simple Songs2019KidsWatch now
Old Macdonald & More Kids Videos2019KidsWatch now
Old Macdonald & More Popular Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Old Macdonald Had a Farm + More Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Panda and the Magic SerpentKidsWatch now
Pangaa Gang2009KidsWatch now
Paper Planes2015KidsWatch now
Pat & Mat2015KidsWatch now
Peanut Gallery2017KidsWatch now
Peanuts Bon Voyage Charlie Brown1980KidsWatch now
Peter Bell: The Movie2002KidsWatch now
Peter Pan: The Quest for the Never Book2018KidsWatch now
Peter in Magicland1990KidsWatch now
Pets to the Rescue2002KidsWatch now
Phantom Town1999KidsWatch now
Phonics Song A to Z for Children2019KidsWatch now
Pinkfong 50 Best Hits: Baby Shark and More2018KidsWatch now
Piper Penguin2008KidsWatch now
Playing Beatie Bow1986KidsWatch now
Pocoyo in cinemas: Your First Movie2018KidsWatch now
Polar Adventures2007KidsWatch now
Popeye: 33 Cartoon Classics - 4 Hours2017KidsWatch now
Popular Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs - Little Treehouse2019KidsWatch now
Power Battle Watch Car2017KidsWatch now
Pray For Me, Paul Henderson1989KidsWatch now
Project Dinosaur2000KidsWatch now
Puppy Star Christmas2018KidsWatch now
Puss in Boots: A Furry Tail2011KidsWatch now
Queen of Niendorf2018KidsWatch now
Radiant City2007KidsWatch now
Rainbow Wheels On The Bus - Little Eddie2019KidsWatch now
Ralph & Rocky Cars - Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time2019KidsWatch now
Rat-a-Tat vs Catman2016KidsWatch now
Rat-a-Tat: Ocean Attack!2016KidsWatch now
Ravana - The Great Warrior2008KidsWatch now
Repeat Performance1996KidsWatch now
Rhymes and Children Songs - Zeek and Friends2019KidsWatch now
Right to Believe2014KidsWatch now
Rip Tide2017KidsWatch now
Road Rangers - Top Episodes2019KidsWatch now
Road Rangers Car Cartoons2019KidsWatch now
Road Rangers Kids Show2019KidsWatch now
Roblox Tycoon Movie (PairofDucks)2018KidsWatch now
Runaway Ralph2017KidsWatch now
Russell Madness2016KidsWatch now
Santa Claus Presents A Children's Christmas2012KidsWatch now
Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny1972KidsWatch now
Santa and the Three Bears1970KidsWatch now
Santa and the Three Bears1970KidsWatch now
Santa's Christmas Circus Starring Whizzo the ClownKidsWatch now
Schoolies Halloween Kids2018KidsWatch now
Schoolies Halloween Kids Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Schoolies Halloween Songs2019KidsWatch now
Schoolies Kids Halloween Songs2019KidsWatch now
Schoolies Scary Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Selkie2000KidsWatch now
Sherlock Bones: Undercover Dog1994KidsWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: Sign of Four2013KidsWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: Study in Scarlet2013KidsWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: The Baskersville Curse2013KidsWatch now
Sherlock Holmes: Valley of Fear2013KidsWatch now
Shooting Star2016KidsWatch now
Shrek2001KidsWatch now
Sid the Science Kid: The Movie2013KidsWatch now
Side by Side1988KidsWatch now
Sing Along With Tobee 1 - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Sing Along With Tobee 2 - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Sing Along With Tobee 3 - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Sing Along With Tobee 4 - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
Skullz2020KidsWatch now
Smighties - Small and Mighty Friends2019KidsWatch now
Smighties - Spooky Stories2019KidsWatch now
Snow White1995KidsWatch now
Solo2011KidsWatch now
Space Attack2018KidsWatch now
Speed Racer - Race to the Future2013KidsWatch now
Speedies - Non Stop2019KidsWatch now
Standing Ovation2020KidsWatch now
Star Dust2010KidsWatch now
Stephanie's Surprise Party2013KidsWatch now
Storm2009KidsWatch now
Storm Boy1976KidsWatch now
Summer with Selik2000KidsWatch now
Sunny Bunnies - The Best Of (Part 1)2015KidsWatch now
Sunny Bunnies - The Best Of (Part 2)2015KidsWatch now
Super Car Royce - Back To Back2019KidsWatch now
Super Car Royce Kids Adventure Series2019KidsWatch now
Super K (English)2011KidsWatch now
Super K (Hindi)2011KidsWatch now
Super Supremes Dinosaur Song & More Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Super Supremes Kids Songs And Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Super Supremes Old Macdonald & More Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Super Supremes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & More Classic Nursery Rhymes2019KidsWatch now
Super Supremes Wheels On The Bus & More Popular Kids Song2019KidsWatch now
Super Supremes Zoo Song & More Videos for Kids2019KidsWatch now
Super Supremes the Bath Song & More Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Tail Of A Tiger1984KidsWatch now
Tapestry2019KidsWatch now
Tappy Toes2003KidsWatch now
Tea Time with Tayla: Learn ABC's - Alphabet Videos for Kids2017KidsWatch now
Terrific Toddler: Craft Time2019KidsWatch now
Terrific Toddler: Gift Time2019KidsWatch now
Thalattu Ketkuthamma1991KidsWatch now
The 12 Dogs of Christmas2016KidsWatch now
The 12 Tasks of Asterix2019KidsWatch now
The Adventures of Açela2020KidsWatch now
The Adventures of Ociee Nash2004KidsWatch now
The Adventures of Pinocchio1996KidsWatch now
The Adventures of Tintin2011KidsWatch now
The Amazing Adventure of Marchello the Cat2017KidsWatch now
The Amazing Zorro2002KidsWatch now
The Bath Song & More Kids Songs - Super Simple Songs2017KidsWatch now
The Beano All-Stars1993KidsWatch now
The Beano VideoStars1994KidsWatch now
The Best of I Love Toy Trains: Parts 1-62013KidsWatch now
The Best of I Love Toy Trains: Parts 7-122013KidsWatch now
The Black Corsair2005KidsWatch now
The Black Tulip2013KidsWatch now
The Blue Light2004KidsWatch now
The Bumble Nums 2 - Super Simple2019KidsWatch now
The Christmas Toy1986KidsWatch now
The Cowboy & The Indians - A Gene Autry Christmas WesternKidsWatch now
The Dancing Pumpkin and the Ogre's Plot2017KidsWatch now
The Defense of New Haven2019KidsWatch now
The Dragon Pearl2011KidsWatch now
The Duke1999KidsWatch now
The Fairies - Christmas Carols2009KidsWatch now
The Fairies - Dancing Girl2008KidsWatch now
The Fairies - Fairy Beach2007KidsWatch now
The Fairies - Fairy Dancing2006KidsWatch now
The Fairies - Fairy Hello!1998KidsWatch now
The Fairies - Fairy Merry Christmas1998KidsWatch now
The Fairies - Nursery Rhymes2009KidsWatch now
The Fairy King1998KidsWatch now
The Fire in the Stone1984KidsWatch now
The Flintstones1994KidsWatch now
The GiggleBellies: Monster Truck Learning2019KidsWatch now
The Grateful Dud2016KidsWatch now
The Guys Next Door2016KidsWatch now
The Incredible Genie1999KidsWatch now
The Jungle Book: Search For The Lost Treasure1970KidsWatch now
The Little Prince2011KidsWatch now
The Little Rascals Spanky, Alfalfa, & Darla's Memorable Episodes in ColorKidsWatch now
The Little Unicorn2002KidsWatch now
The Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island2000KidsWatch now
The March Sisters at Christmas2012KidsWatch now
The Midas Touch1997KidsWatch now
The Mik Maks Nursery Rhymes and More 22020KidsWatch now
The Mik Maks: Musical Adventures2019KidsWatch now
The National Tree2009KidsWatch now
The Nutcracker1993KidsWatch now
The Nutcracker1994KidsWatch now
The Pea Shooter2018KidsWatch now
The Princess and the Dragon2018KidsWatch now
The Put Chutney Show2018KidsWatch now
The Quitter2015KidsWatch now
The Return2015KidsWatch now
The Rugrats Movie1998KidsWatch now
The Runner From Ravenshead2010KidsWatch now
The Samuel Project2018KidsWatch now
The Secret of Anastasia1997KidsWatch now
The Secret of Roan Inish1995KidsWatch now
The Secret of The Hunchback1997KidsWatch now
The Shrunken City1998KidsWatch now
The Sky Princess2018KidsWatch now
The Sorcerer's Apprentice2001KidsWatch now
The Steam Engines of Oz2018KidsWatch now
The Storyteller2018KidsWatch now
The Substitute Spy2019KidsWatch now
The Super Simple Show - Underwater2019KidsWatch now
The Super Simple Show: Animals2019KidsWatch now
The Super Simple Show: Christmas2019KidsWatch now
The Super Simple Show: Counting & Numbers2019KidsWatch now
The Super Simple Show: Halloween2019KidsWatch now
The Super Simple Show: Space & Planets2019KidsWatch now
The Tadpole & The Whale1988KidsWatch now
The Tractor Mac Show2012KidsWatch now
The Ugly Duckling's Christmas Wish1996KidsWatch now
The Wild Thornberrys Movie2002KidsWatch now
The World Famous Kid Detective2014KidsWatch now
The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa2012KidsWatch now
This is the Way Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Time Kid2002KidsWatch now
Tintin and the Calculus Affair2019KidsWatch now
Tintin and the Lake of Sharks2019KidsWatch now
Tintin and the Prisoners of the Sun2019KidsWatch now
Tiny Christmas2017KidsWatch now
To Catch a Yeti1995KidsWatch now
Top 50 Nursery Rhymes Collection - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Toy Train Christmas Memories2010KidsWatch now
Tractor Wheels on the Bus & More Kids Songs - Farmees2019KidsWatch now
Train Quest2001KidsWatch now
Transformex - Futuristic Cartoon Vehicles for Children2020KidsWatch now
Treasure Island1986KidsWatch now
Treasure of BengalKidsWatch now
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & More Kids Songs (Bob The Train)2019KidsWatch now
Umi Uzi Halloween Songs for Kids2019KidsWatch now
Umi Uzi Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs2019KidsWatch now
Valley of Knights2015KidsWatch now
Veer Abhimanyu2012KidsWatch now
Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion2012KidsWatch now
Villads2017KidsWatch now
We Wish You a Merry Christmas1999KidsWatch now
What Katy Did1999KidsWatch now
Wheels On The Bus Non-Stop - Kids TV2019KidsWatch now
Wheels on the Bus & More Kids Songs (Baby Bao Panda)2019KidsWatch now
Wheels on the Bus & More Nursery Rhymes - Little Treehouse2019KidsWatch now
Wheels on the Bus - Kids Channel2019KidsWatch now
Wheels on the Bus and More Kids Nursery Rhymes - Luke & Lily2020KidsWatch now
Wheely2018KidsWatch now
When She Was Bad1979KidsWatch now
Where the Red Fern Grows - Part 2 (4K Restored)1992KidsWatch now
Wizard Quest2002KidsWatch now
Wonder Park2019KidsWatch now
Young Detectives2018KidsWatch now
Zoo Party!2012KidsWatch now
Zoo Song & More Baby Songs - Junior Squad2019KidsWatch now

The Australian Prime Video library comes with plenty of movies suitable for the little ones. Whether they like live-action flicks or animations, you’ll definitely be able to find something on Prime Video to suit their taste and mood.

The collection includes classics like The Karate Kid, The Little Prince and Living with Dinosaurs. We've also got a list of Prime Video shows for kids available for you.

Store Discount
Prime Video Prime Video
30 DAYS FREE: Sign up to Amazon Prime Video's free trial today

For even more kids’ content, you might want to look into Disney+, which will entertain the little ones for hours on end. After all, the platform offers access to (almost) all Disney content ever made, from classic animations to more recent titles like Frozen 2. Additionally, Netflix and Stan offer kids’ movies as well.

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