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Best alcohol to drink in Australia

Fancy a tipple? We’ll show you how to compare alcohol to find the best beverage to quench your thirst.

The most important factor you need to consider when shopping for alcohol is the type of drink you want. For example, beer, cider, wine or spirits. You can then consider a wide range of other factors to help you choose a beverage, from the style of drink to its alcohol content. But at the end of the day, what it really comes down to is taste.

Our team read thousands of alcohol reviews, compared product availability in different regions and considered our own experiencing tasting products to put together this list of the best alcohol you can buy in Australia. Read more about how we chose products below.

These are the best alcohol products you can buy in Australia right now:

    Smirnoff Red Label Vodka

    Best cheap vodka

    Smirnoff Red Label Vodka
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • A great cocktail mixer
    • Has a smooth and crisp finish


    • Lower alcohol volume than other vodkas
    • Not for drinking neat

    Why we chose it

    If you're looking for the best cheap vodka, we recommend Smirnoff's Red Label Vodka. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Dan Murphy's.

    Also known as Smirnoff No. 21, this vodka was created in 1864 and has since become one of the best-selling vodkas in the world. It is tripled distilled from a blend of various grains and filtered ten times through seven columns of sustainable charcoal. The result is a pure and smooth spirit that you can enjoy anytime.

    At 37% alcohol volume, the Smirnoff Red Label Vodka has just enough of a kick for drinking straight or for mixing cocktails. Customers said it works exceptionally well for making limoncellos, martinis and cosmopolitans. It is a top choice for many people because of its affordability and neat flavours. Despite having a lower alcohol volume compared to other vodkas, this spirit isn't for drinking neat. One critic added that it has a burnt aftertaste when consumed on its own.

    De Bortoli Premium Cabernet Merlot

    Best cask red wine overall

    De Bortoli Premium Cabernet Merlot
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • Good value for money
    • High quality for cask wine


    • Lacking complex, sophisticated palate
    • Many drinkers will not opt to buy a cask

    Buy now

    Check manufacturer website for current RRP and availability

    Why we chose it

    The De Bortoli family has been producing wine since 1928 and is rated a 5 Red Star winery in the James Halliday Wine Companion. Its Premium Cabernet Merlot is our pick for best cask red. It combines value for money with well-balanced flavour.

    The winery's tasting note says it combines rich berry Cabernet with soft cherry Merlot flavours, pairing ripe plum with spice, berries and subtle vanillin oak. It scores a rating of 4.3/5 from 32 Dan Murphy's customers, who said it compares well with bottled wine. It is easy to drink straight from the cask and goes well with savoury or sweet food.

    Hendrick's Gin

    Best overall gin

    Hendrick's Gin
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • Complex, rich taste
    • Award-winner


    • Not cheap
    • Might not be for people who prefer a London Dry

    Why we chose it

    For the best overall gin, we picked Hendrick's Gin. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 5,000 reviews.

    Hailing from Scotland, Hendrick's Gin comes in an iconic "medicine" bottle with a sleek label design. It features notes of cucumber, rose petals, lime zest and pine. It also won a Gold Medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Silver in 2020. Each 700ml bottle has a 44.4% ABV, serving 23 standard drinks.

    Customers gave positive feedback on the product's complex flavour profile, smooth texture and sleek design. The taste includes hints of juniper, coriander, black pepper and citrus. According to reviewers, it's got a rich mouthfeel that finishes off with a crisp aftertaste. This gin is fantastic as both a mixer and on the rocks. But if you prefer a London Dry, this might not suit your taste.

    Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

    Best overall bourbon

    Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • Well-balanced flavours of oak and vanilla
    • Has a clean finish with a smooth aftertaste


    • Might be too sweet for some people
    • Customers found the finish too spicy and peppery

    Why we chose it

    For the best bourbon overall, we picked the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. It has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from reviews on Amazon and Dan Murphy's.

    The Double Oaked is matured in separate charred oak barrels that add richness and colour to the bourbon. Before bottling, one of the barrels is also toasted before a light charring, which allows for an additional soft and sweet oak character.

    The Double Oaked bourbon has hints of vanilla, oak and syrup. People loved its sweet and oaky flavour that has subtle notes of caramel and leather. This bourbon also has an alcoholic volume of 43.2% and a slight heat in the finish. The aftertaste is nice and crisp, with some flavours of spice and dried fruits lingering on the palate. However, some said that the finish was too spicy for their liking.

    Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Best overall whisky

    Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • Award-winning single malt


    • Some reviewers claim it isn't the same as it used to be

    Why we chose it

    Our pick for the best overall whisky is Glenfiddich's 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 3,000 reviews on Amazon and Dan Murphy's.

    Glenfiddich's 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is matured in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks for 12 years. It also features notes of green apples, pears, butterscotch, cream and oak. This whisky won awards at the Global Spirit Masters Awards 2017 and Whisky Masters 2019. It has a 40% ABV as well.

    Customers gave positive feedback on the whisky's affordable price tag, stylish bottle design and fantastic flavour profile. It's got an intoxicating scent, featuring hints of sweet and malty flavours. Reviewers said that it is medium-bodied with a smooth aftertaste, perfect for drinking on the rocks. According to customers, it's a great introductory whisky for newbies, but it doesn't have the complexities of more premium options.

    Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva

    Best rum overall

    Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • Sweet, smooth-tasting rum
    • A good introduction to sipping rum


    • Not the best option for cocktails
    • Premium price range

    Why we chose it

    The Diplomatico is a premium Venezuelan rum with an impressive reputation. It boasts an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon out of over 5,000 customer reviews. For a dark, elegant and complex sipping rum, customers near unanimously agree on the quality of Diplomatico's Reserva Exclusiva dark rum.

    Customers agree that this rum, blended from rums aged up to 12 years from American and Spanish oak casks, easily stands against similar products at higher price points. The rum is mixed with a touch of extra sugar cane, leaving the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva with a unique, subtle sweetness.

    This premium rum is designed for sipping, meaning it's best served neat or over ice to appreciate the quality of its blend. It can be mixed into cocktails where quality is prioritised over budget, but ultimately is best enjoyed on its own merits.

    Absolut Vodka

    Best overall vodka

    Absolut Vodka
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • No added sugar ,Great for mixing or on the rocks


    • Very acidic for some ,One customer experienced an upset stomach after drinking

    Why we chose it

    With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Dan Murphy's, we picked Absolut Vodka as the best overall vodka available online.

    Absolut Vodka is a Swedish spirit with a smooth, clean and natural taste. It is made exclusively from natural ingredients and has no added sugar. Apart from a 40% alcohol volume, it's got a hint of dried fruit and mild wheat notes. This vodka can be enjoyed on the rocks or as part of your favourite cocktail.

    Many customers gave positive feedback on the vodka's value for money, clean finish and versatility. It can be used to make various cocktails, including appletini, bloody Mary, cosmo and screwdriver. People also loved drinking it ice cold. This vodka has a warm aftertaste that some people may find too acidic. But for loyal customers, this is a great, classic option without the sugar.

    Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne

    Best Champagne overall

    Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • A classic dry Champagne at a great price
    • The Bollinger name is well-known and prestigious


    • More expensive than many non-vintage French Champagnes
    • Can be too rich for those with a delicate palate

    When looking for a great Champagne, you can't go past the classics. While some of the most well-known Champagne houses rely more on their brand name than on the product, there's a reason Bollinger has such a great reputation as a bottle to celebrate with. Bollinger is one of the most popular champagnes according to Dan Murphy's customer reviews, with an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 50 users. At around $80 a bottle, Bollinger's non-vintage offering easily competes with Champagnes at twice its price, boasting a full, toasty character that is the very definition of decadence.

    Good Pair Days

    Best overall wine club

    Good Pair Days
    Image: Supplied/Finder


    • Wine selections tailored to your tastes
    • No lock-in contracts


    • There are cheaper options available
    • Some customers complain about their favourite wines selling out

    Why we chose it

    Looking to sign up for a wine subscription service but don't know where to start? For our money, it's hard to go past Good Pair Days. Not only does it offer customisable plans designed to suit your taste, but you also get handy extras like food pairings and matching recipes.

    It's also picked up plenty of positive ratings from Aussie drinkers. With an average score of 5/5 from over 490 ratings on, Good Pair Days is our pick as the best overall wine club.

    When you sign up with Good Pair Days, you complete a palate quiz. The provider's team of "wine explorers" then find three wines that match your personal tastes, with a focus on value for money. You can then take these suggestions to create your own personalised wine delivery, or choose your bottles from the entire Good Pair Days range.

    Your wine is then delivered to your door at your desired frequency (monthly, every second month or quarterly). You also receive tasting cards, food pairings and matching recipes, so it's not necessarily all about the wine.

    You can update your drinking preferences as you learn more and get a better understanding of what you like. You can also manage your account via a smartphone app, and cancel or change your delivery plan whenever you want.

    Billed as a "personalised wine adventure", Good Pair Days is designed to make it easy to discover new wines that match your taste preferences. So if you're searching for the right wine subscription for your needs, it's a good option.


    Brands considered
    Products compared
    Best products chosen

    We compared over 650 products from more than 200 alcohol brands across 9 different product categories and sub-categories and based our picks on real customer reviews sourced from popular stores and reviews sites. We also took into consideration first-hand testing by the Finder reviews team.

    The products on this list are chosen by our editorial team and are not selected based on commercial relationships.

    Why you can trust our picks

    We considered the following brands:

    • 1792
    • 23rd Street
    • 42 Below
    • Absolut
    • Alfa Hellenic
    • Alpha Box & Dice
    • Anima
    • Antipodes
    • Archie Rose
    • Atilius Festa
    • Aviation
    • Bacardi
    • Baily & Baily
    • Baker's
    • Ballantine's
    • Barokes
    • Barrel Craft Spirits
    • Barron and Harold
    • Basil Hayden's
    • Bearded Lady
    • Beefeater
    • Beluga
    • Belvedere
    • Bilpin
    • Black Bottle
    • Black Hops
    • Blanton's
    • Bombay Sapphire
    • Born Wild
    • Bowler's Run
    • Broken Shed
    • Brookers
    • Buffalo Trace
    • Bulleit
    • Bundaberg
    • Captain Morgan
    • Cellarmasters
    • Chancellor & Co
    • Chivas Regal
    • Ciroc
    • Citadelle
    • Cleanskin
    • Cloudwine
    • Connemara
    • Cormack and Co
    • Coruba
    • Cougar
    • Cruiser
    • Crystal Head
    • Cuntory
    • Dalwhinnie
    • De Bortoli
    • Diamond Nights
    • Different Drop
    • Dimple
    • E.H. Taylor
    • Eagle Rare
    • East End Cellars
    • Edinburgh
    • El Jimador
    • Elijah Craig
    • Evan Williams
    • Finlandia
    • Fireball
    • Forty Spotted
    • Four Pillars
    • Friels
    • Gapsted Wines
    • George Remus
    • Gin Lane 1751
    • Gin Mare
    • Giniversity
    • Ginzu
    • Glenfiddich
    • Good Booze Project
    • Good Pair Days
    • Gordon's
    • Gordon's London
    • Gossips
    • Green Mark
    • Greenpiper
    • Grey Goose
    • Harbin Beer
    • Hartshorn
    • Haymans
    • Hendrick's
    • Hibiki
    • High West
    • Hogs 3
    • Hollandia
    • Hudson
    • Idyll
    • In Top Company
    • Ink
    • Jack Daniel's
    • James E Pepper
    • Jim Beam
    • Johnnie Walker
    • Jose Cuervo
    • JP Chenet
    • Just Wines
    • Ketel One
    • Knob Creek
    • Koval
    • Laphroaig
    • Lark
    • Legent
    • Listel
    • Louis Perdrier
    • Lyre
    • Makers Mark
    • Malfy
    • Manly Spirits
    • Mars
    • Mateus
    • McConnel's
    • McHenry
    • Miles From Nowhere
    • Mishka
    • Mitcher
    • Molly's Cradle
    • Monkey 47
    • Monkey Shoulder
    • Naked Wines
    • Napoleon 1875
    • Native Spirits
    • Nelson Country
    • Nevado
    • Never Never
    • Nikka
    • Old Forester
    • Old Lion
    • Old Mout
    • Old Smoke
    • Old Virginia
    • Oriental Brewery Co
    • P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants
    • Pappy Van Winkle
    • Paradox
    • Poliakov
    • Poor Toms
    • Qantas Wine
    • Red Deer Station
    • Reyka
    • Rittenhouse
    • Robert Mondavi
    • Rocks Brewing Co
    • Roku
    • Ruskov
    • Russell's Reserve
    • Russian Square
    • Russian Standard
    • Secret Bottle
    • Sierra
    • Slipstream Brewing Co
    • Smirnoff
    • Snobs Creek Estate
    • Spey River
    • Squealing Pig
    • St Agnes
    • Starward
    • Stolichnaya
    • Substation
    • Summer Snow
    • Suntory
    • Tanqueray
    • Teeling
    • Tenjaku
    • Tequila Blu
    • The Australian Wine
    • The Balvenie
    • The Borough Box
    • The Botanist
    • The Glenlivet Founder's
    • The Gospel
    • The Kraken
    • The Local Drop
    • The Macallan
    • The Shinobu
    • The Weekly Drop
    • The Whistler
    • The Wine Collective
    • Tito's
    • UDL
    • Untold
    • Vestal
    • Vickers
    • Vinomofo
    • Vintage Cellars
    • Virgin Wines
    • Vodka Cruiser
    • Vodka O
    • Wandering Distillery
    • Waverly Distillery
    • West Cork
    • Westmalle
    • Whitley Neill
    • Wild Turkey
    • Wildlife Brewing Co
    • Windsor
    • Wine Journey
    • Wine Selectors
    • Winesmiths
    • Woodford Reserve
    • Woodstock
    • Wyboro
    • Yarra Burn
    • Yellow Rose
    • Zubrowka
    We value our editorial independence, basing our comparison results, content and reviews on objective analysis without bias. However, Finder may receive compensation when you click some links on our site. Learn more about how we make money from our partners and why you can trust our guides.

    Types of alcohol

    Spend a few minutes wandering around your local Dan Murphy's and the sheer range of choices available can be overwhelming — and that's before you've even ventured beyond the beer section.

    So what are the main types of alcohol you can buy? Let's take a closer look.


    A staple at pubs and summer BBQs around the country, beer is as good a place as any to start our drinking journey. Once a mainstay at the top of Australia's alcohol charts, beer has declined in popularity in recent years as Aussie drinkers' tastes have shifted towards wine and other options.

    Made from malted cereal grain (most commonly barley), water, hops and yeast, beer comes in two main styles: ales and lagers. The main difference between the two is the yeast used for fermentation. Ales are produced with a top-fermenting yeast at higher temperatures, while lagers are brewed with a bottom-fermenting yeast at colder temperatures.

    Of course, buying beer isn't just as simple as choosing an ale or a lager. Within these two categories there's a much wider range of subcategories:

    • Ales. Popular ale types include easy-drinking blonde ales, fruitier pale ales, bitter India pale ales (IPAs) and the malty darkness of porters and stouts.
    • Lagers. If you've ever drunk a mainstream beer like VB, XXXX, Tooheys New or Heineken, you've tasted a lager. Pale lagers and pilsners are the most popular varieties.

    And the choice just gets more confusing from there. Not only do you have full-strength, mid-strength and light options, but there's an ever-increasing range of brands available. From the well-known Australian and international brands to a huge variety of craft beer companies, choosing certainly isn't easy. The good news is that our guide to the best beer can help.


    Cider is sometimes classed in the wine category, but we've decided to give it its own category here. Cider is made from fermented fruit juice, usually apples or pears but sometimes from a range of more exotic options.

    The simplest way to pick a cider is to choose either a dry or sweet variety, or a semi-sweet or semi-dry option if you'd prefer something in between. However, there are also sparkling (more popular) and still (less common) varieties available, plus French (generally sweeter and with lower alcohol content) and English-style (generally a little more bitter and with higher alcohol content) ciders to choose from.


    Made from fermented grape juice, wine is an increasingly popular choice among Aussie drinkers.

    There are three main options when you're shopping for wine: red, white and sparkling. Of course, there's once again a huge variety of subcategories based on the type of grape used to produce the wine.

    Red wine is made from dark-coloured grape varieties. It's fermented with the skins of those grapes to produce its dark colour and dry, bitter taste. Reds tend to go well with red meat and pasta. Popular varieties include:

    • Shiraz. Australia's best-known grape variety, shiraz is a full-bodied red wine.
    • Cabernet sauvignon (cab sav). Originally from Bordeaux, cabernet sauvignon is known for its dark, fruity flavours.
    • Pinot noir. More subtle than some other red varieties, pinot noir is made from cool-climate grapes.
    • Rosé. Rosé ferments with grape skins for a shorter time than other red wines, giving it a pink appearance and fresh flavour.
    • Merlot. Made from dark-blue grapes, merlot is known for its fruity flavours and notes of chocolate.

    If you're looking for an affordable entry point to the world of red wine, our guide to the best cask red wine should help you wet your whistle.

    White wine can be made from either white or red grapes, but grape skins are removed before fermentation begins. White wines tend to pair best with foods like seafood and chicken. Popular varieties include:

    • Chardonnay. The world's most popular white wine, chardonnay is a crisp and dry drop that can be "oaked" (aged in oak barrels) or "unoaked".
    • Riesling. Originally from Germany's Rhine region, riesling grapes produce aromatic, fruity wine that can be sweet or dry.
    • Sauvignon blanc (sav blanc). Originating in Bordeaux, this variety produces refreshing wines with zesty, fruity and even grassy notes.
    • Pinot grigio / pinot gris. Pinot grigio hails from Italy's Lombardy region and is dry and light-bodied, while pinot gris is from the Alsace region of France and is rich and sweet.
    • Semillon. Originally from Bordeaux and the grape behind plenty of famous Hunter Valley drops, semillon is commonly blended with sauvignon blanc.

    Then we come to sparkling wine, which can be white or red. Champagne and prosecco are your two best-known options here, made in France and Italy respectively. If you fancy a glass of bubbles, you might find what you're looking for in our guide to the best champagne.


    Now we come to the staple inclusions in any home liquor cabinet: spirits. There are six main spirit varieties to choose from. All of them are distilled in similar ways but have their own distinctive


    • Whisky. Made from fermented grains, whisky (or whiskey, depending on where it comes from) can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks and in a wide range of cocktails. Scotch, single malt, bourbon, Irish whiskey and more all fall into this category — check out our best whisky guide for more information.
    • Rum. Distilled from sugarcane products, rum is known for its sweet flavour and its use in classic cocktails like daiquiris, mojitos and pina coladas. For buying tips, check out our guides to the best rum and the best spiced rum.
    • Gin. Known for its juniper flavour, this grain-based spirit is best enjoyed in a classic G&T or a martini. Find out more in our best gin guide.
    • Vodka. Usually made from grains or potatoes, vodka is a great all-rounder. There's a wide range of flavoured vodkas available, while it's also an essential ingredient in martinis, cosmopolitans, bloody Marys and many other classics. Our guide to the best vodka will help you find a bottle or two worth trying.
    • Tequila. From shots to margaritas, there are many ways to enjoy this Mexican spirit. Tequila is made from blue agave plants.
    • Brandy. Brandy is distilled wine, the best-known variety of which would have to be cognac. You can drink it neat or in classic cocktails like the brandy Alexander.

    We should also mention that these key spirits can also be used to make a wide variety of other products you'll find at your local bottle-o. Liqueurs are sweetened spirits that can be enjoyed on their own or in cocktails — common varieties include absinthe, Baileys and creme de menthe. There's also an extensive range of pre-mixed spirits available, such as whisky and cola, gin and tonic, and a wide range of vodka-based "alcopops".

    How to compare alcohol

    Ready to compare alcohol types and products? Consider the following factors when weighing up your options.

    Why you’re buying

    The type of alcohol you buy will vary depending on the occasion. Having a cocktail party? You’ll want to stock up on spirits. Hosting a dinner party? Look for a wine that pairs well with your main dish. Headed to a summer BBQ? Everything from beer and cider to wine and pre-mixed spirits could be a suitable choice.


    Your drink of choice is a matter of personal preference. You might need to sample a range of different types of alcohol, then narrow down your choices to the many varieties of that particular drink, to find your favourite.


    To help increase your chances of finding something you like, research the tasting notes of different varieties before you buy. For example, one red wine variety can taste completely different to another, so read up on the sort of flavours you can expect and the foods it pairs well with.


    Check the label to find out the alcohol by volume (ABV) and how many standard drinks are in the bottle.

    Alcohol content

    Check the label to find out the alcohol by volume (ABV) and how many standard drinks are in the bottle.


    The region in which grapes are grown or an alcohol is produced can affect its taste. For example, Japanese whiskies tend to not be as peated as scotch whiskies, while Australian shiraz is bolder and fuller-bodied than syrah (made from the same grape) that comes from Europe. Once again, research is your friend to help you find out what sort of taste to expect.


    Price varies greatly depending on the type of alcohol, the variety you choose, and the brand you buy. For example, while many beers will set you back $40-$60 for a case of 24, you can pay well over $100 a case for some craft and foreign beers.

    Want to keep track of how much you're drinking? Here's an approximate guide to the alcohol content in the most common drink types:

    • Beer. 4.5-5% (full-strength), 3.5% (mid-strength), 2.5% (light).
    • Cider. 4-8%.
    • Red wine. 12-14.5%.
    • White wine. 11.5-13%.
    • Sparkling wine. 11-13% (sparkling reds may be a little higher).
    • Spirits. 37-40%.

    Please note that certain varieties may have a higher or lower alcohol content than the approximate figures listed, so always check the label carefully before buying.

    In Australia, a standard drink contains 10g of alcohol. For details on how many standard drinks are in your beverage of choice, check out this handy guide from the Australian government's Department of Health.

    4 things to consider

    There are a few other factors you should consider before you head to your local liquor store:

    • Buying online vs in store. Going online can get you better prices and a lot of deals that simply aren't available for walk-in customers. By grabbing your deals and hunting for bargains it can be a lot cheaper to buy alcohol online. Plus, you generally won't find anything in a store that you can't get online, but can find a lot of options online that you probably won't be able to find in a store.
    • Same day delivery. If you're after same day alcohol delivery your options are more limited, and generally take the form of delivery services, like restaurants with a drinks menu or services like Jimmy Brings. For larger orders, more selection and better prices however, look into Dan Murphy's or Naked Wines for next day delivery.
    • Where to buy. Dan Murphy's and 1st Choice are two of the biggest names in the Aussie liquor business.
    • Non-alcoholic options. If you're trying to cut back on your drinking or if you need something you can safely drink before driving, it's worth pointing out that there are lots of non-alcoholic drinks options.

    If you'd rather try something alcoholic, here's where you can buy alcohol online in Australia.

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