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Paddington 2

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This table was last updated on 06 Mar 2021. There are 307 movies in the ABC iView library.
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MovieGenresWatch it
20 Years On: Crossing Bridges for ReconciliationNewsWatch now
7.30: 2020 The Year That Changed UsNewsWatch now
A Stargazer's Guide To The Cosmos (2018)Abc1DocsWatch now
A Thousand SunsAbc1DocsArtsWatch now
ABC Kids Live StreamAbc4KidsWatch now
ABC ME Live StreamAbc3Watch now
ABC NEWS Live StreamNewsWatch now
ABC TV ACT Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV NSW Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV NT Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV Plus Live StreamAbc2Watch now
ABC TV QLD Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV SA Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV TAS Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV VIC Live StreamAbc1Watch now
ABC TV WA Live StreamAbc1Watch now
Acknowledgement of CountryAbc3Watch now
AdriftAbc1DocsWatch now
Alan Duffy's Astronomy GlossaryAbc1DocsWatch now
All God's CreaturesAbc1DramaArtsWatch now
An Alpine Symphony: West Australian Symphony OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
AnnieAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
Anzac Day March Adelaide 2019Abc1Watch now
Anzac Day March Brisbane 2019Abc1Watch now
Anzac Day March Canberra 2019Abc1Watch now
Anzac Day March Darwin 2019Abc1Watch now
Anzac Day March Hobart 2019Abc1Watch now
Anzac Day March Melbourne 2019Abc1Watch now
Anzac Day March Perth 2019Abc1Watch now
Anzac Day March Sydney 2019Abc1Watch now
At MidnightAbc1DocsArtsWatch now
Attenborough And The Empire Of The AntsAbc1DocsWatch now
Auschwitz Untold: In ColourAbc2DocsWatch now
Australia Day: Flag Raising And Citizenship Ceremony 2021Abc1NewsWatch now
Australia TalksAbc1PanelWatch now
Australia's Black Summer: How It UnfoldedNewsWatch now
Australian Chamber Orchestra, Live at the ABCArtsAbcartsWatch now
Australian Of The Year Awards 2021Abc1Watch now
Australian World Orchestra and Sir Simon RattleArtsAbcartsWatch now
Author Talk: Leigh HobbsAbc3EducationWatch now
Ayah WehbeAbc1Watch now
BTN Lunar New Year (Chinese Simplified Subtitles)Abc3Watch now
BTN: Antarctica SpecialAbc3EducationWatch now
Back To EarthAbc1DramaArtsWatch now
Beethoven Emperor ConcertoArtsAbcartsWatch now
Beethoven Grosse Fuge: Australian Chamber OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
Beethoven Piano Concertos 1, 2 & 3ArtsAbcartsWatch now
Beethoven Symphony No.5: Australian Chamber OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
Beethoven Symphony No.7: Melbourne Symphony OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
Beethoven Violin Concerto: Australian Chamber Orchestra and Richard TognettiArtsAbcartsWatch now
Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek FarewellAbc2ComedyWatch now
Between Two LinesAbc1DramaArtsRegionalWatch now
Bird Nerd: The Art Of Leila JeffreysAbc1DocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
BlightAbc1DramaWatch now
Boldly GoAbc1DramaWatch now
Boyer Lecture 2017: Professor Genevieve BellNewsPanelWatch now
Boyer Lecture 2018: Professor John RaskoNewsPanelWatch now
Boyer Lecture 2019: Rachel PerkinsAbc1NewsPanelWatch now
Boyer Lecture: Andrew ForrestAbc1NewsPanelWatch now
Brahms and Mozart Highlights: Tasmanian Symphony OrchestraAbc1ArtsAbcartsWatch now
BrokenAbc1DramaWatch now
Brown LipsAbc1Watch now
Bruno and Boots: Go Jump in the PoolAbc3Watch now
Bruno and Boots: The Wizzle WarAbc3Watch now
By This RiverAbc1DramaArtsWatch now
Can We Save The Reef?Abc1DocsWatch now
Capturing Cricket: Steve Waugh In IndiaAbc1DocsSportWatch now
Carbon And Water Cycles In The RainforestAbc3EducationWatch now
Carbon Cycles And Climate Change In The TundraAbc3EducationWatch now
CattleAbc1DramaRegionalWatch now
CherithAbc1DramaWatch now
China's Artful DissidentAbc1DocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
China's Artful Dissident (Simplified Chinese Subtitles)Abc1DocsArtsWatch now
Christian Porter Media ConferenceNewsWatch now
Christmas Sounds Better This YearAbc1DocsWatch now
Christmas With PohAbc1LifestyleWatch now
Closed DoorsAbc1DramaArtsRegionalWatch now
Coastal Processes And Land FormsAbc3EducationWatch now
Concordia in ChaosAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
Countdown To DisasterAbc1DocsWatch now
CrazyLoveAbc1ComedyDramaWatch now
Cyber DreamingAbc1DocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
Danny And The Human ZooAbc1DramaWatch now
David Attenborough's Flying MonstersAbc2DocsWatch now
David Attenborough's Life That GlowsAbc2DocsWatch now
David Attenborough's TasmaniaAbc2DocsWatch now
Deadly Family Portraits: Crombie CrewAbc1EducationDocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
Deadly Family Portraits: Electric MimiliAbc1EducationDocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
Deadly Family Portraits: Sansbury SistersAbc1EducationDocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
DelugeAbc1DramaWatch now
Desertification: Causes, Impacts and ManagementAbc3EducationWatch now
Designing A LegacyAbc1DocsLifestyleWatch now
Deszcz (Rain)Abc1DramaArtsWatch now
Devolution: A Devo TheoryAbc2DocsArtsWatch now
Different LensAbc1DocsWatch now
Digby Ernest WebsterAbc1Watch now
DisRupted - And Then Something ChangedAbc3Watch now
DisRupted - Rocky & MeAbc3Watch now
DisRupted - The Legend of Burnout BarryAbc3Watch now
Disability Is No Joke, But It Can Be Funny!Abc1Watch now
Dish LifeAbc1DocsWatch now
Diving InAbc1DramaWatch now
Doctor Who: The Runaway BrideAbc2DramaWatch now
Doctor Who: Voyage Of The DamnedAbc2DramaWatch now
DotsAbc1DramaWatch now
Doug The HumanAbc1DramaArtsRegionalWatch now
Dr Charles Perkins OrationAbc1Watch now
Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical!Abc1Abc3ChildrensWatch now
Driftwood DustmitesAbc1DramaArtsWatch now
EldersAbc1DramaArtsRegionalWatch now
ExComedyDramaWatch now
Extinction With David AttenboroughAbc1Abc2DocsWatch now
Faith & FornicationNewsWatch now
Fighting Spirit: Wheeling Diggers' Invictus Games DreamAbc1DocsSportWatch now
FoalAbc1DramaArtsRegionalWatch now
Fresh Blood: Be Your Own Boss (2018)Abc2ComedyWatch now
Fresh Blood: Koala Man (2018)Abc2ComedyWatch now
Fresh Blood: The Angus Project. (2018)Abc2ComedyWatch now
Gangsta GrannyAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Gardening Australia: Christmas Family Special 2018Abc1LifestyleWatch now
Gardening Australia: Christmas Special 2019Abc1LifestyleWatch now
Gardening Australia: New Year's Family Special 2017Abc1LifestyleWatch now
Golden Guitar Awards 2020Abc1ArtsRegionalWatch now
Golden Guitar Awards 2021Abc1ArtsRegionalWatch now
Governor-General's Australia Day Message 2021Abc1NewsWatch now
Grandpa's Great EscapeAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Great Expectations: Karta The Orang-Utan's StoryAbc1DocsWatch now
Groundhog NightAbc1ComedyDramaWatch now
HMB Endeavour's Voyage of Exploration (2018)Abc3EducationWatch now
Handel Messiah: Live from Sydney Opera HouseArtsAbcartsWatch now
HandoutAbc1DocsWatch now
Hard Quiz Celebrity SpecialAbc1ComedyPanelWatch now
Hard Quiz Kids SpecialAbc1ComedyPanelWatch now
HeckAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
HerStoryAbc1NewsArtsWatch now
Horrible Histories: Frightful First World WarAbc3EducationChildrensWatch now
Horrible Histories: Scary SpecialAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Horrible Histories: Sports SpecialAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Hot Deserts: Opportunities and ChallengesAbc3EducationWatch now
How Australia Got Its MojoAbc1DocsWatch now
How Good Is Christmas? With Sammy JAbc2ComedyWatch now
Iceland: Living With VolcanoesAbc3EducationWatch now
If Music be the Food of Love: Pinchgut OperaArtsAbcartsWatch now
In Concert TogetherAbc1Watch now
Intimate Encounters: 20 Years OnAbc1DocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
Into The StreetsAbc1DocsWatch now
InvisibleAbc1DramaWatch now
Jayde Adams: Serious Black JumperAbc2ComedyWatch now
JoyAbc1DramaArtsAbcartsWatch now
KharismaAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
Kitty Flanagan: Charming And AlarmingAbc2ComedyWatch now
Kumi's JapanAbc1DocsWatch now
Last Drinks At Frida'sAbc1DramaArtsWatch now
Leaving Allen StreetAbc2DocsWatch now
Leg ItAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
Life In Medieval EuropeAbc3EducationWatch now
Like BreathingAbc1ComedyDramaWatch now
Living Close - ParasitismAbc1Watch now
Lockdown StoriesAbc1DocsWatch now
Loud ThoughtsAbc1DramaWatch now
Louis Theroux: Drinking To OblivionAbc1DocsWatch now
Louis Theroux: SavileAbc2DocsWatch now
Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in AmericaAbc1DocsWatch now
Louis Theroux: Transgender KidsAbc1DocsWatch now
MagneticAbc1DramaWatch now
Mahler Symphony No.2: West Australian Symphony OrchestraAbc1ArtsAbcartsWatch now
Making MediaAbc3EducationWatch now
Making Of Micro Monsters with David AttenboroughAbc2DocsWatch now
Malcolm Turnbull: The 7.30 InterviewNewsWatch now
Mapping Justice: An ABC News NT SpecialNewsWatch now
MaratusAbc1DocsWatch now
Mardi Gras + MeAbc3Watch now
Miraculous World: New York, United HeroezAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Molly Of Denali: Molly And The Great OneAbc4KidsWatch now
Montserrat: Living With VolcanoesAbc3EducationWatch now
Mumbai - Inside DharaviAbc3EducationWatch now
Mumbai - Managing a MegacityAbc3EducationWatch now
Mumbai - Slum Redevelopment ChallengeAbc3EducationWatch now
Mumbai - Urbanisation and MegacitiesAbc3EducationWatch now
Musica Viva: Nevermind EnsembleArtsAbcartsWatch now
My Deadly, Beautiful CityAbc1DocsWatch now
My First PanicAbc1ArtsWatch now
New DadsAbc1DocsWatch now
New Year's Eve 2020: Early Night ShowAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat Christmas SpecialAbc1LifestyleWatch now
Nine Awkward Astrophysicist QuestionsAbc1DocsWatch now
No Time For QuietAbc1ArtsAbcartsWatch now
Northern QuollsAbc1DocsWatch now
One Hundred A DayAbc1DramaArtsWatch now
Operation Ouch! Goes Back In TimeAbc3EducationChildrensWatch now
Operation Ouch! Ouch! AwardsAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Operation Ouch! Pack DownAbc3Watch now
Operation Ouch! Virus Alert!Abc3ChildrensWatch now
Our Acknowledgement of CountryAbc4KidsWatch now
Our Future In SpaceAbc1DocsWatch now
Pacific Unite: Saving Lives Together ConcertAbc1Watch now
PeelAbc1DramaArtsAbcartsWatch now
Peppa Pig: Wash Wash Wash Your HandsAbc4KidsWatch now
Pinchgut Opera: Handel in ItalyArtsAbcartsWatch now
Play School: Acknowledgement of CountryAbc4KidsWatch now
Play School: Beginnings and EndingsAbc4KidsWatch now
Play School: Get Ready For BedAbc4KidsWatch now
Play School: Hand In HandAbc4KidsWatch now
Play School: Kiya's Excellent eBirthdayAbc4KidsWatch now
Play School: Mindfully MeAbc4KidsWatch now
Play School: Ready, Set, Big SchoolAbc4KidsWatch now
Prince Harry's Story: Four Royal WeddingsAbc1DocsWatch now
Prone To The DroneAbc1ComedyDramaWatch now
Proud by PractisingAbc1Watch now
Quartet and Country: Australian String QuartetArtsAbcartsWatch now
Quilty: Painting The ShadowsAbc1DocsArtsAbcartsWatch now
Quoll FarmAbc1DocsWatch now
RatburgerAbc3ChildrensWatch now
Ravel, Tchaikovsky and Kats-Chernin: Australian World OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
Re-FrameAbc1ComedyDocsDramaArtsAbcartsWatch now
Reflections on Manly PoolAbc1DocsArtsWatch now
River Valley CivilizationsAbc3EducationWatch now
Room On The BroomAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
Rugged Paradise: The Abrolhos IslandsNewsDocsWatch now
Running Wild: Australia's CamelsAbc1DocsRegionalWatch now
Rusty and the Temple of BoomAbc4KidsWatch now
Safety NetAbc1DramaWatch now
Sammy J: The Twelve J's Of ChristmasAbc2ComedyWatch now
Satu Vanska and Kristian Chong in RecitalAbc1ArtsAbcartsWatch now
Scheherazade: Melbourne Symphony OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
See For YourselfAbc1DramaWatch now
Seven Awkward Astronaut QuestionsAbc1DocsWatch now
ShameAbc3Watch now
Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell Pagan Holiday SpecialAbc1ComedyWatch now
ShedAbc1DramaArtsRegionalWatch now
Silent NightAbc1DramaArtsWatch now
Songs of Praise: Faith and FitnessAbc1Watch now
Songs of Praise: God's Own CountryAbc1DocsArtsLifestyleWatch now
Songs of Praise: Love Thy NeighbourAbc1ArtsWatch now
Songs of Praise: Pembrokeshire (2019)Abc1DocsArtsLifestyleWatch now
Space Station DegustationAbc1DocsWatch now
Splendour of Venice: Pinchgut OperaArtsAbcartsWatch now
Stargazing: Moon and BeyondAbc1DocsWatch now
State Memorial for Doug AnthonyNewsWatch now
Stella Christmas Special (2014)Abc1ComedyDramaWatch now
Stella Christmas Special (2016)Abc1ComedyDramaWatch now
Stick ManAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
StuffedAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
Summer's DayAbc3EducationWatch now
Tchaikovsky and Ravel: Queensland Symphony OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
Tell Your Story, Change Your WorldAbc3EducationWatch now
That ChristmasAbc1DocsWatch now
The Child In TimeAbc1DramaWatch now
The DamAbc1DramaWatch now
The Drover's WifeAbc1DramaArtsAbcartsWatch now
The F Word - International Women's Day 2020Abc2ComedyPanelWatch now
The French RevolutionAbc1EducationWatch now
The FruityAbc1ComedyDramaWatch now
The Gondwana World Choral FinaleArtsAbcartsWatch now
The GruffaloAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
The Gruffalo's ChildAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
The Heart ThiefAbc1DocsArtsWatch now
The Highway RatAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
The Hunt For Gaddafi's BillionsAbc1DocsWatch now
The Lark Ascending: Tasmanian Symphony OrchestraArtsAbcartsWatch now
The LawAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
The Making Of David Attenborough's Conquest Of The SkiesAbc2DocsWatch now
The Making Of David Attenborough's GalapagosAbc2DocsWatch now
The Making Of David Attenborough's Kingdom Of PlantsAbc2DocsWatch now
The Making Of Flying Monsters With David AttenboroughAbc2DocsWatch now
The Making Of The Penguin King With David AttenboroughAbc2DocsWatch now
The Making of David Attenborough's Great Barrier ReefAbc2DocsWatch now
The Misfortune Of OthersAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
The Monster At The End Of This StoryAbc4KidsWatch now
The Next Step Live: The MovieAbc3ChildrensWatch now
The Pen LicenceAbc3Watch now
The Penguin King With David AttenboroughAbc2DocsWatch now
The Queen's Green PlanetAbc1DocsWatch now
The Real Camilla: Duchess Of CornwallAbc1DocsWatch now
The Rite of Spring: Australian World OrchestraAbc1ArtsAbcartsWatch now
The Russian RevolutionAbc1EducationWatch now
The SaviourAbc1ComedyDramaArtsWatch now
The Snail And The WhaleAbc3Abc4KidsChildrensWatch now
The UpsideAbc1DocsWatch now
The Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown (2020)Abc1ComedyWatch now
The Wiggles 30 YearsAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
The Wiggles: The Handwashing SongAbc4KidsWatch now
The Yearly With Charlie Pickering 2020Abc1ComedyPanelWatch now
Thomas And Friends: A New ArrivalAbc4KidsWatch now
Thomas And Friends: World Of TomorrowAbc4KidsWatch now
Through The WindowAbc3EducationWatch now
Ties That BindAbc1DramaArtsRegionalWatch now
Tip Of My TongueAbc1DramaWatch now
Undressing VanessaAbc1DocsWatch now
Upfront: The Queens Of ComedyAbc1ComedyWatch now
Walkabout WicketsAbc1DocsWatch now
Ward OneAbc1DramaWatch now
Warm StrangersAbc1DramaArtsAbcartsWatch now
Wash Your Hands!Abc3Watch now
WaterAbc1Watch now
What's For Dinner? Lunar New YearAbc3EducationChildrensWatch now
What's For Dinner? Lunar New Year (Simplified Chinese Subtitles)Abc1Abc3EducationWatch now
White LightAbc1DocsWatch now
Who Killed Belinda Peisley?Abc1DocsWatch now
Wild Australia: After the FiresAbc1DocsWatch now
Women In Screen: IWD 2018Abc1DocsWatch now
WugulOra Morning Ceremony 2021Abc1Watch now
ZogAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
Zog And The Flying DoctorsAbc4KidsChildrensWatch now
reIMAGINED: Romeo & JulietAbc3EducationWatch now
triple j's One Night Stand UpAbc2ComedyWatch now

ABC iview has plenty to offer. The oldest catch-up service in Australia has grown exponentially over the years, coming a long way since its early days in 2008.

Now, ABC iview hosts plenty of addictive series, documentaries, variety shows and kids programming to watch. Plus, you can also use iview to stream ABC live via the Internet.

As for movies, the selection isn't as generous as what you'd get from subscription-based streaming services, but there are several appealing titles you might want to check out. Since using iview is completely free, you have nothing to lose. Just remember that titles don't stick around for as long as they do on Disney+ or Amazon Prime.

On the free-to-air front, other video-on-demand/catch-up platforms available in Australia include 10 play, 9Now, 7plus and SBS on Demand.

True movie buffs, however, might want to subscribe to a streaming service as well to enjoy more content and variety. Luckily, you have plenty of choice. To see what else is out there, check out our list of Netflix movies or look up all the movies available on Stan.

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