NBN FTTN plans compared: 6 out of 50 providers are ready at launch

Kenneth Tsang 21 September 2015


2,100 Fibre to the Node premises will be able to choose from over 150 NBN plans

nbn, the company responsible for building the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia, has finally launched its Fibre to the Node (FTTN) product to service providers. NBN FTTN services can now be ordered for around 2,100 premises in the NSW Hunter suburb of Belmont.

nbn expects around 500,000 homes and businesses to be serviceable with FTTN by the end of June 2016. By 2020, 4.5 million households across Australia (or 38% of Australia) are expected to access the NBN using FTTN.

The launch of the Fibre to the Node technology is a major milestone for nbn as it will form the largest portion of the NBN network once complete. The rollout will bring fibre optic cables to nodes located in the neighbourhood and will use the existing Telstra copper network for the final few hundred metres to bring broadband to homes or businesses. That means the rollout is much faster, but the final speeds are slower, and much more subject to variation between individual locations.

The introduction of this technology has been one of the more controversial parts of the Coalition's NBN policy because the speed and reliability of the service varies depending on the customer's distance from the node.

NBN FTTN Provider Plans Compared

Despite having over 50 service providers delivering NBN services to customers, according to the nbn website, only 6 service providers are equipped to offer Fibre to the Node services to customers at launch.

Telstra, Optus, Belong (a Telstra subsidiary), Dodo, iPrimus and Exetel are listed as being FTTN-ready. However, Australia’s second largest telco, TPG (which now also owns iiNet, Internode and Westnet) is missing from the list.

nbn has indicated that over twenty service providers have signed the agreement to enabling them to sell FTTN services. Those providers are expected to offer products to consumers in the coming months as they upgrade their systems to support FTTN.

Keeping existing phone number

If you live in a NBN Fibre to the Node area, it is important to check with your current phone and internet service provider before ordering if you wish to retain your existing phone number. Ordering a service with a new provider in a Fibre to the Node area without specifying your intention to port (move) your phone number to the new service may lead to the permanent loss of your existing phone number.

finder.com.au has put together a comparison of the NBN plans offered by the 6 launch providers. The availability of a speed tier at a particular home or business is subject to a service qualification.

Provider PlanSpeed TierMonthly costData (GB)Off-peak (GB)Set-upModemPhonePhone BundleMinimum cost over contract
Dodo Big Fibre12/1$39.902525$0$120$0Bundled$1,077.60
Dodo Big Fibre25/5$49.902525$0$120$0Bundled$1,317.60
Dodo Big Fibre50/20$59.902525$0$120$0Bundled$1,557.60
Dodo Big Fibre100/40$69.902525$0$120$0Bundled$1,797.60
Dodo Lite Fibre12/1$29.9055$0$120$0Bundled$837.60
Dodo Lite Fibre25/5$39.9055$0$120$0Bundled$1,077.60
Dodo Lite Fibre50/20$49.9055$0$120$0Bundled$1,317.60
Dodo Lite Fibre100/40$59.9055$0$120$0Bundled$1,557.60
Dodo Mega Fibre12/1$49.90100100$0$120$0Bundled$1,317.60
Dodo Mega Fibre25/5$59.90100100$0$120$0Bundled$1,557.60
Dodo Mega Fibre50/20$69.90100100$0$120$0Bundled$1,797.60
Dodo Mega Fibre100/40$79.90100100$0$120$0Bundled$2,037.60
Dodo Ultra Fibre12/1$59.90Unlimited$0$120$0Bundled$1,557.60
Dodo Ultra Fibre25/5$69.9010001000$0$120$0Bundled$1,797.60
Dodo Ultra Fibre50/20$79.9010001000$0$120$0Bundled$2,037.60
Dodo Ultra Fibre100/40$89.9010001000$0$120$0Bundled$2,277.60
iPrimus 1TB Bundle25/5$129.001000$0$144$0Bundled$3,239.95
iPrimus 1TB Bundle50/20$139.001000$0$144$0Bundled$3,479.95
iPrimus 1TB Bundle100/40$149.001000$0$144$0Bundled$3,719.95
iPrimus Family Bundle25/5$109.00500$0$144$0Bundled$2,759.95
iPrimus Family Bundle50/20$119.00500$0$144$0Bundled$2,999.95
iPrimus Family Bundle100/40$129.00500$0$144$0Bundled$3,239.95
iPrimus Fibre Family12/1$59.95100100$0$144N/ANo Bundle$1,582.75
iPrimus Fibre Family25/5$69.95100100$0$144N/ANo Bundle$1,822.75
iPrimus Fibre Family50/20$79.95100100$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,062.75
iPrimus Fibre Family100/40$89.95100100$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,302.75
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna12/1$69.95150150$0$144N/ANo Bundle$1,822.75
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna25/5$79.95150150$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,062.75
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna50/20$89.95150150$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,302.75
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna100/40$99.95150150$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,542.75
iPrimus Fibre No Worries12/1$99.951000$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,542.75
iPrimus Fibre No Worries25/5$109.951000$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,782.75
iPrimus Fibre No Worries50/20$119.951000$0$144N/ANo Bundle$3,022.75
iPrimus Fibre No Worries100/40$129.951000$0$144N/ANo Bundle$3,262.75
iPrimus Fibre Starter12/1$49.952020$0$144N/ANo Bundle$1,342.75
iPrimus Fibre Starter25/5$59.952020$0$144N/ANo Bundle$1,582.75
iPrimus Fibre Starter50/20$69.952020$0$144N/ANo Bundle$1,822.75
iPrimus Fibre Starter100/40$79.952020$0$144N/ANo Bundle$2,062.75
iPrimus Starter Bundle25/5$89.00200$0$144$0Bundled$2,279.95
iPrimus Starter Bundle50/20$99.00200$0$144$0Bundled$2,519.95
iPrimus Starter Bundle100/40$109.00200$0$144$0Bundled$2,759.95
Optus 200GB12/1$80.00200$90$0N/ANo Bundle$2,010.00
Optus Basics Bundle Plan25/5$70.00200$125$0$0Bundled$1,805.00
Optus Basics Bundle Plan100/40$100.00200$125$0$0Bundled$2,525.00
Optus Big Bundle Plan25/5$95.00Unlimited$125$0$0Bundled$2,405.00
Optus Big Bundle Plan100/40$125.00Unlimited$125$0$0Bundled$3,125.00
Telstra L25/5$115.001000$59$0N/ANo Bundle$2,819.00
Telstra L50/20$125.001000$59$0N/ANo Bundle$3,059.00
Telstra L100/40$135.001000$59$0N/ANo Bundle$3,299.00
Telstra L Bundle25/5$119.00500$59$0$0Bundled$2,915.00
Telstra L Bundle50/20$129.00500$59$0$0Bundled$3,155.00
Telstra L Bundle100/40$149.00500$59$0$0Bundled$3,635.00
Telstra M25/5$95.00500$59$0N/ANo Bundle$2,339.00
Telstra M50/20$105.00500$59$0N/ANo Bundle$2,579.00
Telstra M100/40$115.00500$59$0N/ANo Bundle$2,819.00
Telstra M Bundle25/5$89.00200$59$0$0Bundled$2,195.00
Telstra M Bundle50/20$99.00200$59$0$0Bundled$2,435.00
Telstra M Bundle100/40$119.00200$59$0$0Bundled$2,915.00
Telstra S25/5$75.00100$59$0N/ANo Bundle$1,859.00
Telstra S50/20$85.00100$59$0N/ANo Bundle$2,099.00
Telstra S100/40$95.00100$59$0N/ANo Bundle$2,339.00
Telstra S Bundle25/5$69.0050$59$0$0Bundled$1,715.00
Telstra S Bundle50/20$79.0050$59$0$0Bundled$1,955.00
Telstra S Bundle100/40$99.0050$59$0$0Bundled$2,435.00
Telstra XL Bundle25/5$149.001000$59$0$0Bundled$3,635.00
Telstra XL Bundle50/20$159.001000$59$0$0Bundled$3,875.00
Telstra XL Bundle100/40$179.001000$59$0$0Bundled$4,355.00

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Provider PlanSpeed TierMonthly costData (GB)Off-peak (GB)Set-upModemPhonePhone BundleMinimum cost over contract
Belong 1000GB12/1$70.001000$0$1$10Bundle Option$841.00
Belong 1000GB25/5$80.001000$0$1$10Bundle Option$961.00
Belong 1000GB100/40$95.001000$0$1$10Bundle Option$1,141.00
Belong 100GB12/1$50.00100$0$1$10Bundle Option$601.00
Belong 100GB25/5$60.00100$0$1$10Bundle Option$721.00
Belong 100GB100/40$75.00100$0$1$10Bundle Option$901.00
Belong 500GB12/1$60.00500$0$1$10Bundle Option$721.00
Belong 500GB25/5$70.00500$0$1$10Bundle Option$841.00
Belong 500GB100/40$85.00500$0$1$10Bundle Option$1,021.00
Dodo Big Fibre12/1$39.902525$69$120$0Bundled$667.80
Dodo Big Fibre25/5$49.902525$69$120$0Bundled$787.80
Dodo Big Fibre50/20$59.902525$69$120$0Bundled$907.80
Dodo Big Fibre100/40$69.902525$69$120$0Bundled$1,027.80
Dodo Lite Fibre12/1$29.9055$69$120$0Bundled$547.80
Dodo Lite Fibre25/5$39.9055$69$120$0Bundled$667.80
Dodo Lite Fibre50/20$49.9055$69$120$0Bundled$787.80
Dodo Lite Fibre100/40$59.9055$69$120$0Bundled$907.80
Dodo Mega Fibre12/1$49.90100100$69$120$0Bundled$787.80
Dodo Mega Fibre25/5$59.90100100$69$120$0Bundled$907.80
Dodo Mega Fibre50/20$69.90100100$69$120$0Bundled$1,027.80
Dodo Mega Fibre100/40$79.90100100$69$120$0Bundled$1,147.80
Dodo Ultra Fibre12/1$59.90Unlimited$69$120$0Bundled$907.80
Dodo Ultra Fibre25/5$69.9010001000$69$120$0Bundled$1,027.80
Dodo Ultra Fibre50/20$79.9010001000$69$120$0Bundled$1,147.80
Dodo Ultra Fibre100/40$89.9010001000$69$120$0Bundled$1,267.80
Exetel 100GB12/1$39.00100$59$0$0Bundled$527.00
Exetel 100GB25/5$49.00100$59$0$0Bundled$647.00
Exetel 100GB100/40$69.00100$59$0$0Bundled$887.00
Exetel 500GB12/1$49.00500$59$0$0Bundled$647.00
Exetel 500GB25/5$59.00500$59$0$0Bundled$767.00
Exetel 500GB100/40$79.00500$59$0$0Bundled$1,007.00
Exetel Unlimited12/1$59.00Unlimited$59$0$0Bundled$767.00
Exetel Unlimited25/5$69.00Unlimited$59$0$0Bundled$887.00
Exetel Unlimited100/40$89.00Unlimited$59$0$0Bundled$1,127.00
iPrimus Fibre Family12/1$59.95100100$0$174N/ANo Bundle$893.35
iPrimus Fibre Family25/5$69.95100100$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,013.35
iPrimus Fibre Family50/20$79.95100100$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,133.35
iPrimus Fibre Family100/40$89.95100100$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,253.35
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna12/1$69.95150150$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,013.35
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna25/5$79.95150150$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,133.35
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna50/20$89.95150150$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,253.35
iPrimus Fibre Kahuna100/40$99.95150150$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,373.35
iPrimus Fibre No Worries12/1$99.951000$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,373.35
iPrimus Fibre No Worries25/5$109.951000$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,493.35
iPrimus Fibre No Worries50/20$119.951000$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,613.35
iPrimus Fibre No Worries100/40$129.951000$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,733.35
iPrimus Fibre Starter12/1$49.952020$0$174N/ANo Bundle$773.35
iPrimus Fibre Starter25/5$59.952020$0$174N/ANo Bundle$893.35
iPrimus Fibre Starter50/20$69.952020$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,013.35
iPrimus Fibre Starter100/40$79.952020$0$174N/ANo Bundle$1,133.35
Provider PlanSpeed TierMonthly costData (GB)Off-peak (GB)Set-upModemPhonePhone BundleMinimum cost over contract
Belong 1000GB12/1$75.001000$0$60$10Bundle Option$135.00
Belong 1000GB25/5$85.001000$0$60$10Bundle Option$145.00
Belong 1000GB100/40$100.001000$0$60$10Bundle Option$160.00
Belong 100GB12/1$55.00100$0$60$10Bundle Option$115.00
Belong 100GB25/5$65.00100$0$60$10Bundle Option$125.00
Belong 100GB100/40$80.00100$0$60$10Bundle Option$140.00
Belong 500GB12/1$65.00500$0$60$10Bundle Option$125.00
Belong 500GB25/5$75.00500$0$60$10Bundle Option$135.00
Belong 500GB100/40$90.00500$0$60$10Bundle Option$150.00
Dodo Big Fibre12/1$39.902525$99$120$0Bundled$258.90
Dodo Big Fibre25/5$49.902525$99$120$0Bundled$268.90
Dodo Big Fibre50/20$59.902525$99$120$0Bundled$278.90
Dodo Big Fibre100/40$69.902525$99$120$0Bundled$288.90
Dodo Lite Fibre12/1$29.9055$99$120$0Bundled$248.90
Dodo Lite Fibre25/5$39.9055$99$120$0Bundled$258.90
Dodo Lite Fibre50/20$49.9055$99$120$0Bundled$268.90
Dodo Lite Fibre100/40$59.9055$99$120$0Bundled$278.90
Dodo Mega Fibre12/1$49.90100100$99$120$0Bundled$268.90
Dodo Mega Fibre25/5$59.90100100$99$120$0Bundled$278.90
Dodo Mega Fibre50/20$69.90100100$99$120$0Bundled$288.90
Dodo Mega Fibre100/40$79.90100100$99$120$0Bundled$298.90
Dodo Ultra Fibre12/1$59.90Unlimited$99$120$0Bundled$278.90
Dodo Ultra Fibre25/5$69.9010001000$99$120$0Bundled$288.90
Dodo Ultra Fibre50/20$79.9010001000$99$120$0Bundled$298.90
Dodo Ultra Fibre100/40$89.9010001000$99$120$0Bundled$308.90
Telstra L25/5$115.001000$179$0N/ANo Bundle$294.00
Telstra L50/20$125.001000$179$0N/ANo Bundle$304.00
Telstra L100/40$135.001000$179$0N/ANo Bundle$314.00
Telstra L Bundle25/5$119.00500$179$0$0Bundled$298.00
Telstra L Bundle50/20$129.00500$179$0$0Bundled$308.00
Telstra L Bundle100/40$149.00500$179$0$0Bundled$328.00
Telstra M25/5$95.00500$179$0N/ANo Bundle$274.00
Telstra M50/20$105.00500$179$0N/ANo Bundle$284.00
Telstra M100/40$115.00500$179$0N/ANo Bundle$294.00
Telstra M Bundle25/5$89.00200$179$0$0Bundled$268.00
Telstra M Bundle50/20$99.00200$179$0$0Bundled$278.00
Telstra M Bundle100/40$119.00200$179$0$0Bundled$298.00
Telstra S25/5$75.00100$179$0N/ANo Bundle$254.00
Telstra S50/20$85.00100$179$0N/ANo Bundle$264.00
Telstra S100/40$95.00100$179$0N/ANo Bundle$274.00
Telstra S Bundle25/5$69.0050$179$0$0Bundled$248.00
Telstra S Bundle50/20$79.0050$179$0$0Bundled$258.00
Telstra S Bundle100/40$99.0050$179$0$0Bundled$278.00
Telstra XL Bundle25/5$149.001000$179$0$0Bundled$328.00
Telstra XL Bundle50/20$159.001000$179$0$0Bundled$338.00
Telstra XL Bundle100/40$179.001000$179$0$0Bundled$358.00
Speed Tiers: Speed tiers denoted are the maximum port speeds provided by NBN. In Fibre to the Node areas, the availability of a speed tier is subject to service qualification checks by your service provider. Speeds are provided as a range with the minimum port speed guaranteed by nbn being 25/5 Mbps:

Speed TierDownload RangeUpload Range
12/112 Mbps1 Mbps
25/525 Mbps5 Mbps
50/2025 - 50 Mbps5 - 20 Mbps
100/4025 - 100 Mbps5 - 40 Mbps

During the co-existence period (lasting up 18 months after an area is switched on), nbn guarantees a minimum port speed of 12/1 Mbps:

Speed TierDownload RangeUpload Range
12/112 Mbps1 Mbps
25/512 - 25 Mbps1 - 5 Mbps
50/2012 - 50 Mbps1 - 20 Mbps
100/4012 - 100 Mbps1 - 40 Mbps

Service speeds also vary across different providers due to the way the service providers designs their network. If you experience slow speeds, contact your service provider to diagnose the problem.

Phone: This column lists the minimum monthly cost required to bundle a basic phone line option with this plan. Plans without a phone bundling option are denoted by N/A.

Data: All providers listed except Dodo will shape speeds to 256kbps once the data limit has been exceeded. Dodo charges excess data at $2/GB for a maximum of 10GB before shaping.

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