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2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Review

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finder score: 73.75%

Avg. critics score: 73.75%
3 critics
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Critic reviews

WebsiteRatingNotable quotes
Cars Guide73%"The Mitsubishi Outlander's exterior design might not push the envelope, but that's not necessarily a bad thing."Read more
WhichCar80%"Mitsubishi also offers two petrol engines and an excellent diesel, and you can have front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive."Read more
Car Showroom70%"It’s well equipped and certainly makes a good case for itself if value for money is paramount - you do get quite a lot for your cash here."Read more

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How does the Mitsubishi Outlander compare with its peers?

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Number of seats Boot displacement ANCAP rating Price (from) Finder Score Read review
Mazda CX-5
5 seats
5 stars
Toyota RAV4
5 seats
5 stars
Kia Sportage
5 seats
5 stars
Hyundai Tucson
5 seats
5 stars
Nissan X-Trail
7 seats
5 stars
Jeep Cherokee
5 seats
5 stars
Honda CR-V
5 seats
5 stars
Mitsubishi Outlander
7 seats
5 stars
Renault Koleos
5 seats
5 stars
Mitsubishi ASX
5 seats
5 stars

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The complete Mitsubishi Outlander review

Mitsubishi pricing and overview

The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander is Australia’s first upgrade to the range since 2012, and the new features bring in many of the much-needed functionalities that have emerged since then.

The Outlander might not really shine in any one area, except its capability as a jack-of-all-trades and its exceptionally versatile, and sometimes downright confusing range of options. Here’s an overview:

Outlander 2WD 2L petrolOutlander AWD 2.2L diesel automaticOutlander AWD 2.4L petrol CVTOutlander PHEV 2L petrol fixed gear transaxle
Power and torque110kW at 6,000RPM
190Nm at 4,500RPM
110kW at 3,500RPM
360Nm at 1,500-2,750RPM
124kW at 6,000RPM
220Nm at 6,000RPM
87kW at 4,500RPM
168Nm at 4,500RPM
OptionsLS 2WD 5 seat manual
LS 2WD 7 seat CVT
LS Safety Pack 2WD 5 seat CVT
LS Safety Pack 7 seat
Exceed 7 seat
LS 7 seat
LS Safety Pack 5 seat
LS Safety Pack 7 seat
Exceed 7 seat
PHEV 5 seat
PHEV Exceed 5 seat
LS2.0L petrol2WD5MT5$28,750
LS2.0L petrol2WDCVT7$30,500
LS2.4L petrolAWDCVT7$33,500
LS Safety Pack2.0L petrol2WDCVT5$32,000
LS Safety Pack2.4L petrolAWDCVT5$35,000
LS Safety Pack2.4L petrolAWDCVT7$36,000
LS Safety Pack2.2L dieselAWD6AT7$39,500
Exceed2.4L petrolAWDCVT7$44,000
Exceed2.2L dieselAWD6AT7$47,500
PHEV LSPHEV 2L petrol hybridAWDFixed gear transaxle5$50,490
PHEV ExceedPHEV 2L petrol hybrid 2LAWDFixed gear transaxle5$55,490

Engine and performance

The Outlander doesn’t break any records and won’t win you any races – but it probably won’t lose you any either.

The engine power isn’t on par with some of the nimbler offerings in the SUV range, but you probably won’t really feel its absence unless you’re carrying a full load, or simply want something for snappier overtaking and a more assertive drive.

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) option is available, and might further detract from manoeuvrability, but carry the corresponding upsides of improved efficiency and a generally smoother drive.

The engines

  • 2L petrol – Far from a range-topper, but a potentially cost-effective option for an efficient people-mover at a low sticker price. Available with both 5 and 7 seats, in manual or CVT, but 2WD only.
  • 2.2L diesel – Substantially more grunt than the 2L petrol, for 7 seat AWD autos only.
  • 2.4L petrol – Available across all trim types, with CVT only, and your choice of 5 or 7 seats.
  • PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) – The hybrid engine, at a premium price and available for 5 seaters only.


The PHEV will get you a lot more distance, as long as you remember to charge it. According to Mitsubishi, you can expect about 50km of distance on a full charge, or closer to 40km with climate control running.

To further improve it, the Outlander includes an eco mode option that dulls your throttling, but improves fuel efficiency and even critiques your driving. This is what you can expect:

2L petrol2.2L diesel2.4L petrolPHEV
Manual - 7L/100km
CVT 5 seat - 6.7L/100km
CVT 7 seat - 6.8L/100km

Towing and payload

Officially the 2L and 2.4L petrol have both been rated as having a credulity-stretching 1,600kg braked towing capacity, while the diesel has 2,000kg and the PHEV claims 1,500kg.

Several reviewers put the Outlander’s towing capacity through its paces, and generally concluded that the 2.2L diesel can handle the weight with comfort and confidence, but the 2L petrol engine really doesn’t appreciate getting close to the weight limits.


Reviewers have mixed opinions of the Outlander’s handling, and you might find it a mixed bag of pros and cons that improves with familiarity.

Critiques largely focus on the light-weight steering and “mushy” acceleration, and the tendency of the wheels and steering wheel to roll back to straight with a disconcerting lightness.

However, despite the feeling of the drive there were no complaints about the grip on road or off, and reviewers felt most variants responded adequately whenever push came to shove, with the 6-speed automatic transmissions in particular being well able to handle sharp accelerations.

It’s not the zippiest drive, but it well might be one of the nippiest. You might find the lightweight steering to be a good match for the nimble 10.6m turning circle, which lends itself well to city manoeuvres.

This isn’t entirely down to the handling though. Despite fitting 7 seats it’s still one of the smaller SUVs in its class, coming in at only 1.8m wide and 4.7m long.

This utility is further backed up by exceptional visibility in all directions. Take note of the mirrors when you take it for a test drive, as well as the design that affords good visibility in most directions.

This is even further accentuated by a solid camera and sensor suite, especially with the Safety Pack and Exceed models, and a reverse camera that comes as standard on all models.

Interior and other features


The LS is somewhat sparse on features, but the Safety Pack trim might soundly live up to its name with a host of value-for-money additions. However, you still get a lot more with the Exceed. The multi-around monitor in particular might become an essential part of your driving experience if you opt for the top-level trim.

FeatureWhat it doesLSLS Safety PackExceed
Hill start assist (HSA)Keeps brakes applied until you start, during hill starts
Reverse camera and parking sensorsCamera and sensors to detect behind the car
Automatic high beamsDetects oncoming traffic and turns high beams on and off
Lane departure warningSignals when you’re drifting from the lane
Lane change assistA blinking alert in the mirror when the car detects a high chance of a lane change being unsafe
Adaptive cruise controlCruise control that keeps speed with traffic ahead of you
Forward collision mitigation systemWarnings and automatic braking if the car detects an imminent collision
Electrochromatic rearview mirrorAuto-dimming mirrors to prevent glare from other headlights
Heated door mirrorsHeating to automatically defog/defrost
Ultrasonic mis-acceleration risk mitigation systemAutomatically applies brakes if accidental acceleration while stopped or travelling at under 10km/h would result in a collision within 4m
Blind spot warning systemWarnings for traffic in your blind spot
Rear cross-traffic alertWarnings for oncoming traffic that you might impact while reversing
Front-parking sensorsParking sensors for the front of the car to allow more precise parking in front
Multi-around monitorFour cameras that come together to create a bird’s-eye view of your car for 360 degree visibility

The interior

The Outlander has a distinctive look on the outside with its oversized grill and prominent 18 inch wheels on even the basic models, in a departure from previous models.

The inside might be more familiar to owners of earlier Outlander models though. Despite the somewhat compact nature of the car, some fairly clever design tricks with each row of seats let it pack almost as much storage space as any other SUV.

Put down the middle and third rows though, and you can pack in a full 1,608 litres of storage.

The interior design hasn’t left any reviewers raving, and some found complaints with the seats, especially in the middle and back rows. Others have commented on an annoyingly reflective centre console, and a bit of seat adjustment trouble for taller drivers.

Your experience with road noise may vary depending on your chosen options and driving style. Generally it’s a satisfying, quiet ride, but the CVT might grate on your nerves at lower speeds, and you might find yourself a little too aware of the diesel engine chugging along.

The touchscreen, now a standard feature with basically all new SUVs, is nothing special. But it’s fitted with a practical range of connectivity options, including bluetooth, Apple and Android connectivity.

Price and value for money

The Outlander’s price range is fairly typical for the SUV spectrum. Depending on your needs it’s probably solid value for money throughout the range.

The LS variants are priced where they should be given the potential limitations, but might be a bit light on the electronics and safety features compared to some similarly priced competitors.

The Safety Pack goes a long way to overcoming that, and the extra cost is quite reasonable given the value it adds.

The Exceed is pushing towards the upper end of the medium SUV price range, but doesn’t run as high as many others and comes with a comprehensive suite of features that might well justify the price. However, you might find the interior to be a little basic for how much you’re paying.

The PHEV is one of very few hybrid offerings, and it comes with the full Exceed kit to help add value. You’re giving up some power and the option for 7 seats, but the potential fuel savings could quite feasibly pay for themselves over time, depending on what kind of driving you tend to do.

LS2.0L petrol2WD5MT5$28,750
LS2.0L petrol2WDCVT7$30,500
LS2.4L petrolAWDCVT7$33,500
LS Safety Pack2.0L petrol2WDCVT5$32,000
LS Safety Pack2.4L petrolAWDCVT5$35,000
LS Safety Pack2.4L petrolAWDCVT7$36,000
LS Safety Pack2.2L dieselAWD6AT7$39,500
Exceed2.4L petrolAWDCVT7$44,000
Exceed2.2L dieselAWD6AT7$47,500
PHEV LSPHEV 2L petrol hybridAWDFixed gear transaxle5$50,490
PHEV ExceedPHEV 2L petrol hybrid 2LAWDFixed gear transaxle5$55,490

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Data indicated here is updated regularly
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CUA Secured Fixed Car Loan
6.79% (fixed)
1 to 7 years
$265 ($175 Establishment Fee + $90 Security Administration Fee)
You'll receive a fixed rate of 6.79% p.a.
A secured loan with a high maximum borrowing amount up to $100,000. Redraw facility and no monthly fees.
NAB Personal Loan Unsecured Fixed
From 9.99% (fixed)
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You'll receive a fixed rate between 9.99% p.a. and 18.99% p.a. ( 10.88% p.a. to 19.83% p.a. comparison rate) based on your risk profile
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from 0% to 5% of the loan amount
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