13 best Halloween 2019 special effects makeup tutorials

Halloween is almost here and these YouTubers are all about extravagant body paint and crazy special effects – now you can be too!

This time of year we all get the opportunity to go all-out for our Halloween costumes, but what about our makeup? Special effect makeup can be incredible and there are some looks that you can achieve with just your everyday palettes! Our favourite YouTubers like to go big though, so we've created this list of the best Halloween special effect and body paint makeup tutorials.

Fair warning: some of these are not for the faint-hearted...

1. Simple Symphony: Huge Mouth SFX

If you're really striving to make an impact, there's no bigger impact than a huge gaping mouth with giant teeth. This look is definitely more trick than treat.

2. Glam and Gore: Burnt Belle

Beautiful Belle got her happy ending in this year's movie, but what would happen if everything went wrong? This look is equal parts fairytale and scary tale.

3. Madeyewlook: Pennywise the Clown

Did you just see a red balloon float by? We're sure Pennywise the Dancing Clown will be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year, so use this tutorial to get his creepy smile down pat.

4. Mirjana Kika Milosevic: Corpse Bride body paint

Not sure about prosthetics and gore? Body paint is the way to go! This video teaches you how to turn into a Tim Burton character that will have everyone staring.

5. Jordan Hanz: Cheshire Cat

Smiiiiile! This Cheshire cat grin is creepy and will fit right in with an Alice in Wonderland-themed group costume, so get your friends and don't forget to smile.

6. MissNoseBleed: Sea Siren

There's a whole ocean out there, and who knows what Halloween inspiration lies beneath? This tutorial will give you gills, scales and tons of attention.

7. Desi Perkins: Melted Skull

Regular skulls are too easy – melted skulls are where it's at. This tutorial lets you show off the dark side of your personality AND your glam makeup skills.

8. Karolina Maria: Sewed Shut Mouth

This tutorial will definitely have people's jaws dropping – but yours won't! The best part is, you can still talk normally even while you look terrifying.

9. Ellimacs SFX: Game of Thrones Dragon

If you haven't seen Game of Thrones yet, why not? This intense dragon-inspired tutorial has us quaking in our boots – paired with a Daenerys costume, this is perfect!

10. Roxxsaurus: Triple Vision

Is anyone else's head spinning? If you want to confuse everyone who gazes upon your face, use this tutorial and see the puzzled reactions from everyone you pass.

11. ELINSFXMAKEUP: Indomitus Rex

Uh-oh, looks like something has escaped from Jurassic Park! This tutorial will transform you into the giant, foreboding Indomitus Rex - just don't forget to practice your roar.

12. Lina Jonsdotter: Zombie

It's an oldie but a goodie: the zombie costume. From The Walking Dead to every slasher horror film from the 90s, zombies are here to stay. Here's how to zombify!

13. RawBeautyKristi: Golden Glam Half Skull

Halloween doesn't have to be scary all the time – if your heart is covered in glitter and glam makeup is your everyday look, this tutorial is definitely the one for you.

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